LEP flashlights have been on the market since 2018. Until 2021, most of the LEP flashlights were $300 or above.
That's too expensive for most flashlight users around the globe. But fortunately, that has changed, and these days, the cheapest LEP flashlights can be had for less than $100. But of course, those aren't the best performers.

Before starting this website, there was no good overview of all LEP flashlights etc.

So hopefully this website helps you get a better understanding of what LEP flashlights are currently on the market, which are good, and which aren't really worth getting.

Currently, I have about 30 LEPs, and many more are coming. Here is a picture of my collection.

the best laser flashlights

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All the flashlight testing data I share here comes from my other website, called 1lumen.