Acebeam W10 gen2

Acebeam W10 gen II
LEP class Class 2M
Distance 1217 meters
Lumens 450 lumens
Modes 1 + strobe
Avg. Price $297

Acebeam W10 GEN 2 LEP Flashlight reaching 1217 meters

Not long after the Acebeam W10 was put onto the market, Acebeam announced the 2nd generation LEP flashlights. Although not a huge step forward compared to the 1st version, the Acebeam W10 gen 2 is able to reach up to more than 1200 meters while the first generation was only able to reach 1000 meters.

Since Acebeam has been one of the first manufacturers to step in this LEP territory, they definitely made a name for themselves.

2 Different versions of the Gen2

To most people it is not know but there are actually 2 Acebeam W10 Gen2 flashlights. The newest version has a Strobe mode, and an electronic switch. The manual still states it has only 1 mode and no mention of the strobe mode. Also, the manual says it included a tactical switch for signalling, which is also incorrect. The latest version has no ‘tactical switch’.


High power flashlights need high power batteries. Since the battery is the weakest point in terms of power you need to take this very seriously. Acebeam added a high-drain 21700 5100mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery to the package. The name of the battery is IMR21700-510A, which looks like the one included with the Acebeam W30, but is clearly not. This one doesn’t have a USB port built-in and the product name being a little different as well.

Instead, the battery needs to be charged inside the light. To reach the USB-C port, you need to unscrew the head. The USB-C port is hidden to make it waterproof and dirt proof. Those are common problems with USB ports in general. Most manufacturers add a rubber cover to the port, but this either doesn’t protect as good or it just tears off.

The 21700 battery should be good for a runtime of up to 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Laser Excited Phosphor

This Acebeam W10 gen 2 uses a high efficient LEP Emitter, manufactured by a 3rd party. It has an output between 0.22 and 0.25 Watt and is classified as a Class 2M laser. The flashlight has passed CE, RoHS and FDA certifications. It’s focused to Full-width 1.8 degrees.

Although known as White Laser flashlights, they actually don’t have a white laser, since they don’t (currently) exist. Instead, they use a blue laser that is focused onto a PPC (Phosphor Crystal Coating) sitting on a metal substrate which gives it a whitish beam. Not perfectly white of course, but definitely not blue as you may expect from a blue laser.

To make it as perfect as possible, Acebeam added 2 colored filters. A red and green filter can be attached to the bezel and make it great for hunting or whatnot. Unfortunately, it didn’t really get into the best top-performing LEP lights list.

LEP flashlight warning:

  • Do not aim at people. Do not aim at mirrors, glass, or other reflective materials. Do not aim at an aircraft or any vehicle in operation
  • Please use it in accordance with your local laws and regulations. Release the manufacturer and retailers from all liabilities.
  • LEP flashlights are for professional users, including military personnel and police. (It is not a civilian industry product.)
  • Users must be over 18 years of age.
  • Keep the light out of the reach of children.

Get it

Unfortunately, the Acebeam W10 gen2 is not for sale anymore.

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