Acebeam W30

Acebeam W30
LEP class Class 2M (4000K) Class 3B (6500K)
Distance 2.4km
Lumens 500 lumens
Modes 1
Avg. Price $329

Acebeam W30 LEP Flashlight reaching 2.4 km

Since the Acebeam W30 entered the market, many people have been wowed by its performance. It beats  99.99% of all flashlights on the market in terms of reach. And that with a total weight of only 332 grams or 11.4 oz.

If none of the LED flashlights can actually drop your jaws, the Acebeam W30 will. Unfortunately, though, the W30 has been discontinued, and gets harder to find new. Used, they still go for about $300 and upwards. Still, it is a worthy mention in the Best LEP Flashlights list.


High-power flashlights need high-power batteries. Since the battery is the weakest point in terms of power. Acebeam added a high-drain 21700 5100mAh USB rechargeable battery to the package. The name IMR21700NP-510A doesn’t say much, but let me tell you this is not your average kind of battery. It’s a lithium-ion 21700 type battery with a micro USB port. Besides charging the battery, you can use the battery as a power bank as well. The included cable is actually a 2-ways USB cable that lets you use the battery as a power bank. You can simply charge your phone directly from the battery. How neat is that!

Dive light

Most people don’t think about diving when talking about white laser flashlights. But the Acebeam W30 is able to go underwater as deep as 100 meters. We haven’t tested this personally since we are no divers, I still believe this is a very important feature.

It’s interesting to note that the W30 can go as deep as 100 meters while its little sibling, the Acebeam W10 is actually not very waterproof. At least not as waterproof as the W30.

The Acebeam W30 is a true searchlight. Search and rescue usually doesn’t happen on the beach with a clear sky and a calm sea. Having a waterproof searchlight is critical. You really don’t want your flashlight to go south when searching for a missing person. A great choice for first responders, the military, navy and even batman :–)

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the W30 is a single-mode flashlight. You can’t extend its battery life by dropping a few modes. Some of its competitors have multiple modes, so that is something you have to keep in mind when considering your choices.

Acebeam doesn’t include a holster for it, but it does have a lanyard and a tripod mount. The tripod mount is on the opposite side of the switch and doesn’t have to much space to attach it to a tripod mounting plate, so keep that in mind as well.

Acebeam W30 successors

There are 2 successors to the Acebeam W30. First there is the NlightD L1, which could be seen as an indirect successor of the W30 because it’s built by them, for Nealsgadgets. And the Acebeam W35, which is a totally different type of light.

Get it

The Acebeam W30 is discontinued, but certain stores still have them in stock. I’d recommend looking at the Weltool W4 Pro or even better, the Maxtoch Xsword L2Kd.

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