Acebeam W50

Acebeam W50
LEP classClass 3B
Distance / intensity3.9km / 3.9 Mcd
Avg. Price$2299

Acebeam W50 has a max beam distance of almost 4 kilometers

No, this flashlight is not going to be available in most stores, and Acebeam doesn’t sell it online either. You can only get it through an inquiry process. The price is probably also a bit on the steep side for most of us. Its current store price is $2299.


  • Max output: 1400 lumens
  • Max beam distance: 3985 meters / 2.476 miles
  • Max beam intensity: 3,970,000 / 3.97 Mcd
  • LEP Class: Class 3B
  • Focus: zoomable focus
  • Battery: 8*18650

When you look at the numbers, the output is about 3 times as high as the smaller, sub $500 LEP flashlights. So I think the $2299 is quite high. Also, in terms of throw, it’s doing not doing double the number of candela. The Acebeam W30 is advertised as 2.3 kilometers.

Something really interesting is the zoomable focus. This is done electronically. The cooling fan on top looks kind of interesting. And from tests on other flashlights, this kind of cooling fan does help to increase the time its highest output can sustain. So this is probably necessary for this kind of power. 1400 lumens doesn’t seem to be much in terms of LED flashlights, but in terms of LEP flashlights, that’s quite insane.


Back in January 2020, Acebeam posted a little advertisement with new models and specs, and 1 of them was the Acebeam W50. The image showed that the W50 was going to have a reach of up to 6 kilometers, and the next model, the Acebeam W40 (which hopefully launches soon) with a beam distance of up to 4 km. Now we know that the W50 is actually advertised as 4km, so I wonder if/when the W40 gets on the market, what the beam distance will be.

I’m in contact with Acebeam, but they don’t want to give any insiders info, unfortunately.

Where to get?

You can’t get it anywhere yet.

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