Acebeam W50

Acebeam W50
LEP classClass 3B
Distance / intensity3.985meters / 3.9 Mcd
Avg. Price$2299

Acebeam W50 has a max beam distance of almost 4 kilometers

It’s been almost 2 years since the W50 was initially announced. Still though, you can’t get it easily, because of the brute power this thing is capable of.

However, you can reach out to Acebeam and ask for it.


  • Max output: 1400 lumens
  • Max beam distance: 3985 meters / 2.476 miles
  • Max beam intensity: 3,970,000 / 3.97 Mcd
  • LEP Class: Class 3B
  • Focus: zoomable focus
  • Battery: 8*18650

Since the announcement of the W50, many more LEP flashlights have been developed, and some even reach the same distance. Yes, I’m looking at the much more affordable Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO.

But this light is in a totally different category, with a zooming system everybody can be jealous of. There are no strange artifacts while zooming, and you have the choice between throw and a little bit of flood. Something the Maxtoch isn’t capable of doing.

Keep in mind that the original Acebeam W30 was advertised as 2.3 kilometers, but mine doesn’t reach that far. The thing about the W30 is that it probably has one of the nicest beams of all my 30+ LEP flashlights.

Something really special about the W50 is the zoomable focus, which is done electronically instead of manually. The cooling fan on top looks kind of interesting. And from my own tests on other flashlights (including the Acebeam X70), a cooling fan can help to increase the time its highest output can sustain. And on the W50 it is probably necessary. 1200 lumens doesn’t seem to be much in terms of LED flashlights, but in terms of LEP flashlights, that’s an insane output.


Back in January 2020, Acebeam posted a little advertisement with new models and specs, and 1 of them was the Acebeam W50. The image showed that the W50 was going to have a reach of up to 6 kilometers, and the next model, the Acebeam W40 (which still hasn’t been launched) with a beam distance of up to 4 km. Now we know that the W50 is actually advertised as 4km, so I wonder if/when the W40 gets on the market, what the beam distance will be. So far, no luck.

Want to know more about the W50? Definitely check out the link below.

Where to get the Acebeam W50?

You can’t buy the W50, but you can get the Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO for about 1/5 of the price and the same beam distance.

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