Amutorch BT35

Amutorch BT35
LEP classN/A
Distance / intensity470,000 cd / 1371 meters
Lumens370 lumens
Avg. Price$132.95

Amutorch BT35 tactical light

This time, Amutorch decided to add a small, pocketable LEP flashlight to their lineup, the Amutorch BT35.

It’s a single-cell LEP focused on tactical use. It also includes a tactical grip ring with a pocket clip. That’s the first LEP with this setup I have seen.

This tactical ring is great to put your index finger through, so you can use it for increased grip as well as using it for self-defense. Although, I have never seen anyone (even on YT) using a flashlight for self-defense, let alone with a tactical grip ring. I don’t particularly know what else it could be used for, besides increased grip.

I also don’t own this particular light (yet), but I do own a couple of other Amutorch flashlights. I have a strange feeling that this is not built by themselves because I don’t see the typical Amutorch fit and finish. With no grip on the body, a different kind of coating, and no dual-tone design makes me doubt it’s their own design.

There is no knurling on the battery tube or head, but the tailcap has a couple of grooves.

Use, batteries, and more

In the last couple of years, most manufacturers have moved from using 18650 batteries to 21700 batteries. Because one of the great benefits of 21700s is a much larger capacity at the cost of slightly larger dimensions.

But no, Amutorch decided to stick with a 18650 battery, which makes it just a tad smaller than it would have been if they used a 21700.

Performance / specifications

I do like the fact that it only has 2 modes without a strobe. Some of Amutorches UI’s are far from perfect, so I hope this UI (with only 2 modes) makes it more usable.

Low100 lumens4h30min
High370 lumens470,000 cd1h20min

If this can really do 470,000 cd, I will be impressed. I don’t trust specifications much, so you’d have to wait for a trustworthy reviewer to test this particular light.

Sorry for the hero image being so ugly. I hope to get a better one… one time

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