Amutorch BT55

Amutorch BT55
Amutorch BT55
LEP classN/A
Distance / intensity2,100,000 cd / 2898 meters
Lumens600 lumens
Avg. Price$209

Amutorch BT55 with focusable beam

There’s been quite a few people who like a combination of a narrow beam for long distances, and a wider beam for medium-range distances. That would usually mean you need 2 flashlights. And to fill that gap up, you basically have 2 options now. A combination of LEP and LED (which is more for close range) and zoomie LEPs.

There are just a couple of focusable LEP flashlights on the market, and the Amutorch BT55 is one of them.

Unfortunately, I don’t own this particular light, but I do own a couple of Amutorch flashlights. It’s obvious to me, that their build quality and design aren’t as nice as some other brands like Acebeam, Olight, or Nitectore. Amutorch seems to focus on use, and not so much on design. And that’s not a problem, but you have to keep that in mind before ordering one.

But having more types of LEPs is a good thing. The downside is of course… it makes it tougher to keep track of all the LEP flashlights on the market.

The BT55 uses a shine-through LEP module, that makes the beam a bit more pleasant than a mirror-style LEP module, but won’t throw as far.

Use, batteries, and more

Some people like zoomies, so when LEP flashlights are becoming more and more popular, and more and more mainstream, the cry for zoomable LEPs was heard. Maxtoch already has the zoomable Maxtoch LA60, and now Amutorch comes with the BT55. And even at a glance, the LA60S and BT55 look similar. Wink Wink

I’m not 100% sure where the number 55 comes from, but I can imagine it to be the head diameter/bezel diameter. 55mm.

It works with 21700 batteries.

Performance / specifications

Unfortunately, I don’t own the Amutorch BT55, so I will just post a few specifications.

High600 lumens1h50min

Knowing a thing or 2 about LEP flashlights, I am pretty confident that the 600 lumens is a little exaggerated. Especially if you use the zoom function. There’s probably a loss of up to 20% of the light using this zoom feature, so when zoomed in, you’re likely not getting the same amount of lumens out the front.

And if it can really reach 2,600 meters, I will be very surprised.

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