Amutorch BT60

Amutorch BT60
Amutorch BT60
LEP classN/A
Distance / intensity1,640,000 cd / 2,560 meters
Lumens400 lumens
Avg. Price$199

One of the shortest 21700 LEPs with a large head

The Amutorch BT60 is the 3rd LEP flashlight Amutorch built and sold. Its predecessors are the Amutorch BT55, and the BT35. Both are interesting lights, with the BT55 being one of the few available zoomable LEPs.

Besides LEP flashlights, Amutorch’s main focus is flashlights in general. I just checked their website, and there are no headlamps, penlights, or tiny keychain lights. Nor do they have any lanterns or other lighting products.

That could be a good thing because they can focus 100% on similar products and really learn the ins and outs.

Anyway, what’s standing out from the crowd is its length. Of the 40+ LEP flashlights I currently have (and the collection keeps growing), this is the shortest 21700 LEP flashlight with a large head. So, if you are looking for the shortest LEP with a 60mm head.. read on.

But if you want the best performance, with the highest build-quality build, look at something like the Weltool W4 Pro.

Type, use, batteries, and more

For $199 (or less) you can get a flashlight with a holster, lanyard, spare o-ring, tactical grip ring, and a Chinese manual. You’re out of luck if you want something in English since that’s not available.

Fortunately enough, you don’t really need a manual, because the UI is simple and straightforward with only 2 modes. It has a forward clicky switch, so you need to do half-presses to toggle between High and Low.

A full click activates the light in the current mode.

Amutorch kept it simple and doesn’t include onboard charging. You can only use, short, unprotected 21700 batteries for the BT60.


Here’s how the BT60 performs:


ModeSpecsLumens at turn onafter 30 secondsafter 10 minutes
High400 lm323316 lm303

With that said, the runtime is still pretty good with High running for 2.5 hours, and Low for almost 6 hours.

But LEPs don’t really need high lumens to throw far. And that’s where the heart is of these laser flashlights. The BT60 is a pretty good performer, albeit not the best in class. Most of its competitors who are outperforming it, also cost $300+.


ModeSpecificationCandelas measuredin Metersin Yardsin Miles
Low584,800 cd152916730.95
High2560m1,644,000 cd2564 meters28041.59

So, you can get over 2000 meters in about 20+ minutes before it drops. That’s still pretty good for this type of light for this price.

Here’s a graph, showing its performance in candelas against its competitors at the time of testing.

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