Astrolux WP2

Astrolux WP2
LEP class N/A
Distance 2300 meters
Candela 1,322,500 cd
Lumens 480 lumens
Modes 3
Blinkies SOS, Strobe
Avg. Price $306 (~$250 when on sale)

Astrolux WP2 = LEP flashlight reaching 2300 meters

The Astrolux WP2 belongs to Astrolux’s first generation LEP flashlights, also know as White Laser Flashlights. And together with the WP1, they are going up against a few impressive flashlights, like the Weltool W4, Jetbeam M1X WP-RX and the Acebeam W30.

Unlike the WP1, which looks like any normal tactical flashlight, the WP2 has a much wider head and is supposed to reach 2300 meters.

From the sketches, the WP2 definitely looks like a great contender, and I hope it has a bigger head than the M1X, W4 or the W30.

At the moment, only a handful of specs are available. But a few things I’d like to talk about before I receive more info or the actual flashlight. Some of the info below has been copied from the WP1 page.

Something that stood out from the pictures is the use of a magnetic control ring. Something that only a handful of manufacturers are famous for,1 of them being Sunwayman, and the other Jetbeam. Sunwayman’s magnetic control ring was probably the most popular 5 years ago. Now, Jetbeam has a few flashlights that use a magnetic control ring. Even Acebeam used to have a few, like the K40M, but they haven’t produced any in more recent years.

And to be honest, the sketches of the WP1 and the Astrolux WP2 look very much like a Jetbeam flashlight. I mean, I would even bet they are made by Jetbeam. If you’re long enough in the world of flashlights, you get used to certain designs. And this one screams J E T B E A M. Which is nothing bad at all. I actually love Jetbeam’s design and build quality.

For now we have the following specifications for the Astrolux WP2.

  • Max output: 480 lumens
  • Max throw distance: 2300 meters / 1.43 miles
  • Battery: 21700 (included)
  • User interface: Low, Med, High, Strobe, SOS
  • Rotary switch
  • Waterproof: IPX8

Please forgive me to say this, but I hope there is a space between High and Strobe. Or maybe have a magnetic ring that starts in OFF, then turn the dial leftward for Strobe and SOS, and rightward for Low Med and High.


I’ve tested the WP2, and it doesn’t perform as good as I hoped.

These are the numbers in terms of Lumens:

ModeAdvertised lumensLumens @ 30secLumens @ start

And these are the numbers in terms of candela / throw

ModeCandela specsCandela measuredMetersYards
High1,322,500 cd (1.32 Mcd)1,248,000 cd (1.25 Mcd)2234 meters2443 yards (1.39 miles)

In terms of throw, it’s not a slouch, but it drops really quickly in output, and therefore is performing way worse than its competitors.

See here how it stacks up against the other well known LEP flashlights like the Acebeam W30, Weltool W4, and the Maxtoch L2K

Astrolux WP2/ Jetbeam RRT-M1X for sale:

The Astrolux WP2 has been discontinued for a while. Take a look at our list of the best LEP flashlights. Or buy the Jetbeam RRT M1X (the same flashlight, different branding)

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