The 5 Best LEP Flashlights in 2021

The list contains LEP flashlights that are available in online stores across the globe below $500.

Weltool W3

#5 - Weltool W3 PRO

Weltool's LEP craziness started a few years ago with the Weltool W3. Its successor is called the W3 PRO but still carries the funny nickname: "The Featherless Arrow."

That might sound a little funny, but its performance is definitely not wacky. It's earth-shattering.. lol.

One great think about the M2s is the dual-mode user interface. Is it running out of power? Change to the low mode to increase battery life.

According to the specifications, the W3 PRO can achieve 505 lumens and 363,000 cd which translates to 1205 meters or 1317 yards. Compared to the predecessor, this is double the amount of lumens and double the amount of reach.

Although Weltool is a relatively small Chinese flashlight manufacturer, they do have an excellent lineup of UV flashlights (which they specialize in). And with these two new LEP flashlights, they are becoming more and more popular.

The package includes a high-drain UB21-50 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You don't need to buy a dedicated charger! Charge it with the included USB charge cable, and you're ready to go.

Jetbeam M2S

#4 - Jetbeam M2S WP-RX

Unlike the Jetbeam M1X, the M2S WP-RX is actually a portable flashlight that you can stick in your pocket. This doesn't mean it's unable to throw very far. Contrary to that flawed reasoning, the M2S throws a beam for over 1 mile.

The M2S comes with a sturdy carry case. Within the case, you'll find some basic accessories including a lanyard, a spare O-ring, and a 21700 lithium-ion battery with a built-in Micro USB port.


#3 - Jetbeam M1X WP-RX

More info on the Jetbeam M1X WP-RX

If you're lucky, you'll get a Jetbeam M1X that is overperforming. Mine does about 2.3 Mcd, which is 1 million candelas more than specced. I guess I was lucky because most other people only measured the M1X up to 1.5A couple of benefits of this light include the 21700 rechargeable battery with Micro USB port and the 2-mode user interface.

Some of the older LEP lights only have a single-mode configuration, which means that you can't extend battery life in case you need to. Having 2 modes helps a lot in many ways. Low mode runs for 8 hours and still produce an extremely tight and far-reaching beam.

Don't be fooled by its specs though. The manual talks about a runtime of up to 2.7 hours in High mode, but in reality, the light output drops after 3 minutes to roughly 250 lumens. These lights aren't lumen monsters, but throw monsters.

Although number 3 in the list, in order of specced performance, mine is actually #1 at the start. Unfortunately, this one is very hard to get nowadays. Its successor, the Jetbeam RRT M1X Raptor isn't performing as well.

Acebeam W30

#2 - Acebeam W30

This is the Acebeam W30 and it's literally a laser flashlight. It has a max beam intensity of 1.45Mcd, which is one million, four hundred and fifty thousand candela. That is a beam distance of about 1.5 miles. Farther than any LED flashlight currently in this size, or even 3 times the size of it. It is a truly compact portable light.

Just like any other LEP flashlight, the laser is hitting a Phosphor layer to create a whitish looking beam. In person, it looks a little more yellowish,  to be honest.

The Acebeam is a real performer. If you get a good copy, you might get one that does about 1.7Mcd instead of the claimed 1.45 Mcd. Mine, unfortunately only hit 1.3 Mcd but that's still further than 99.99% of all flashlights in the world.

Since the Acebeam W30 is out of production, only a handful of sellers still carry it. Be quick before they are not available anymore, anywhere.

Weltool W4

#1 - Weltool W4

More info on the Weltool W4

Weltool is a small Chinese flashlight manufacturer who focuses on the latest and greatest technology in the LED- and LEP flashlight industry. Besides their large UV flashlight lineup (which they are specialized in), they also have a lineup of several LEP flashlights. Danny, the owner of Weltool has tried, and succeeded, to get the farthest throwing LEP light in the world, at least in specs.

Weltool's first LEP flashlight back in 2018 was the W3 "The featherless Arrow" and started this whole hype around LEP Flashlights. The W4 is called a "dragon in cloud" which sounds a little strange though.

The W4 can reach up to 2.67 km with a beam intensity of up to  1782000 cd / 1.78Mcd. Weltool includes a high-drain UB21-50 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery. So no need for a dedicated charger!

Like many other LEP flashlights, the actual performance of your copy may vary. Mine is actually doing 2.2 Mcd, which equals over 2900 meters of range.