The 5 Best LEP Flashlights in 2021

The list contains LEP flashlights that are available in online stores across the globe below $500.

I currently own almost 2 dozen LEP flashlights. A few of them are EOL. The ones listed below are still available and ordered from good to best performers.

Here's a runtime graph that shows their performance.


#5 - Astrolux WP2


Although currently in the top 5 in terms of peak beam intensity, it's not the overall best performer. After the first few minutes, the light drops down a lot, and the unbranded 26650 LEP takes over. If you only use it in bursts of a couple of seconds (and a maximum of 3 minutes), you should be fine, and this is still a flashlight to consider.

This is literally a laser flashlight. I measured the max beam intensity of 1.25 Mcd, which equals roughly 2230 meters or 2440 yards.  That is a beam distance of about 1.39 miles. Farther than any LED flashlight currently in this size, or even 3 times the size of it.

#4 - Weltool W4

More info on the Weltool W4

Weltool W4

Weltool is a small Chinese flashlight manufacturer who focuses on the latest and greatest technology in the LED- and LEP flashlight industry. Besides their large UV flashlight lineup (which they are specialized in), they also have a lineup of several LEP flashlights. Danny, the owner of Weltool has tried, and succeeded, to get the farthest throwing LEP light in the world, at least in specs.

Weltool's first LEP flashlight back in 2018 was the W3 "The featherless Arrow" and started this whole hype around LEP Flashlights. The W4 is called a "dragon in cloud" which sounds a little strange though.

The W4 can reach up to 2.67 km with a beam intensity of up to  1782000 cd / 1.78Mcd. Weltool includes a high-drain UB21-50 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery. So no need for a dedicated charger!

Like many other LEP flashlights, the actual performance of your copy may vary. Mine is actually doing 2.2 Mcd, which equals over 2900 meters of range.

#3 - Maxtoch Xsword LA60

More info on the Maxtoch LA60

Maxtoch LA60

Some people like to have an adjustable beam. But until now, there were no LEP flashlights available with an adjustable beam.

But, Maxtoch has changed the game and introduced the first focusable LEP flashlight for consumers. It runs on 2*21700 batteries, and you can choose to include them in your order. If you don't mind the beam when it's zoomed out, this is still #2 in terms of farthest-reaching LEP flashlights.

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#2 - Astrolux WP3

More info on the Astrolux WP3


Astrolux released the WP3 almost 1 year after the WP1 and WP2. And the first thing you'll notice is the difference between the earlier 2 designs and the WP3. The machining looks different as well as the anodization. And in terms of LEP technology, the WP3 is using the mirror-type LEP module instead of the shine-through LEP modules from the WP1 and WP2.

In terms of performance, that was a wise choice. The WP3 outperforms the WP1 and WP2 by a large difference. They are not comparable at anything. The throw capabilities of the WP3 are outstanding. I measured over 3 kilometers of reach with a professional luxmeter. That's far enough to be at the top 3 of the longest throw LEPs.

However, being one of the best LEPs doesn't mean it's without flaws. The WP3 has visible PWM in Low and High, but not in Turbo mode. Also, the light gets shipped with a 21700 battery, while the battery tube is able to hold a 26650.

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#1 - Maxtoch Xsword L2K

More info on the Maxtoch L2K


If you're looking at the farthest throwing LEP flashlight, this is the one. It reaches over 3,000 meters and runs of 2*21700 batteries. And the most interesting thing about this light is probably the way it maintains its extremely high intensity all throughout its runtime (except for the 10 minutes when it slightly drops down.

If you're interested in the best of the best, but not the highest quality or best looking, get the Maxtoch L2K!

Like many other LEP flashlights, the actual performance of your copy may vary. Mine is actually doing 2.5 Mcd, which equals over 3160 meters of range.

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