Cheap LEP Flashlight options

LEP Flashlight for $80 – $150

Until the latter part of 2020, LEP flashlights on the market have been in the $300+ range. A price, that many can’t really afford or don’t want to pay for a flashlight. Most people think that a $100 dollar flashlight may be overkill, let alone a $300 flashlight.

Flashlights have come a really long way in the last decade. Back in the day, when Maglites were the norm, flashlights were producing less than 100 lumens. Nowadays, flashlights with less than 1000 lumens aren’t getting much attention.

Flashlights with over 25,000 lumens are getting most of the attention, and LEP flashlights. But, within the flashlight community, things have usually been around brightness (output) but also about intensity (throw). There are basically 2 strong camps. The lumenmonsters and the throwers.

White laser flashlights have become very popular, especially since 2020, and I think this is going to be the next ‘big thing’ in the flashlights world. The problem, however, has been the price.

Very popular.

I also talked to one of the manufacturers, who said that from all their types of flashlights, LEP flashlights were the most popular!

Jump to the following sections in order of price:

1. No-name 26650 LEP flashlight (Price: $120-130)


This was one of the first LEP flashlights available at a price below $200. Unfortunately, it’s not branded, so it’s difficult to know where it comes from, who is responsible for it, as well as warranty claims.

In terms of capabilities, the 26650 LEP is no slouch. It can reach up to 2000 meters with a good battery

Specifications and my measurements:

  • Battery used: 26650 (can use adapter for 21700)
  • Maximum output: 450 lm (I measured 553 lumens)
  • Max beam intensity :810,000 cd (I measured 992,000 cd)
  • Max beam distance: 1800 m (mine measured 1992 meters)
  • Head diameter:  45mm,
  • Body diameter: 32.5mm,
  • Length: 172mm
  • Stainless steel attack bezel
  • USB-A out to charge phone/devices (power bank feature)
  • USB- C input for charging
  • Low Voltage Protection set at 2.5V
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Single-mode + Fast emergency strobe

This is the first 26650 battery on the list of LEP flashlights. It makes sense since they don’t draw too much current and a 26650 has the highest capacity of regular lithium-ion batteries. Use discount code: 1LumenLEP

2. Lumintop Thor 1 (Price: $120-$140)

Lumintop Thor 1

This is not only the shortest LEP flashlight available, it’s also one of the cheapest options. The Lumintop Thor 1 was actually the second LEP made by Lumintop. It uses the shine-through LEP system to save space. That’s one of the most important benefits of these newer modules. This saves an enormous about of space.

Specs and my measurements:

  • Battery used: 18350 (optional adapter available to use 18650)
  • Maximum output: 400 lm (I measured 323 lumens)
  • Max beam intensity :342,000 cd (I measured 356,000 cd)
  • Max beam distance: 1200 m (mine measured 1193 meters)
  • Length: 96.6 mm
  • 3 modes: low medium, and high
  • No strobe

Use coupon: 1LumenLEP at Nealsgadgets

Use coupon: BGTHORI at Banggood

3. Lumintop Thor 2 (Price: $140-$150)

Lumintop Thor 2

Although the name would think otherwise, this is actually Lumintop’s first LEP flashlight they released. The Thor 2 is by default a 18350 type flashlight, but there is also a 18650 battery adapter available to make the light run much longer. 18650 batteries can have a capacity of up to 3500mAh, while most 18350 batteries have a capacity of 1200mAh or less.

In terms of throw, the Thor 2 is pretty impressive. Again, if you want to increase runtime, get the optional adapter and use 18650 batteries. I know that its design isn’t for everyone, but in terms of performance, this is somewhere between the smaller LEPs and the big boys. My measurements were pretty impressive.

Keep in mind that the second version of the Thor 2 is actually performing worse.

Specifications and my own measurements:

  • Battery: 18350 (optional 18650 adapter available)
  • Maximum output: 500 lm (I measured 324 lumens)
  • Max beam intensity: 769,500 cd (I measured 891,000 cd)
  • Max beam distance: 1800 m (mine measured 1888 meters)
  • 3 modes: low medium, and high
  • No strobe mode

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4. Natfire SF2 (Price: $80-$95)

Natfire SF2

The Natfire is currently the cheapest LEP flashlight on planet earth, available for less than $100. On sale, it can even get as low as $70.

It’s a single-cell LEP light with a built-in 21700 battery. The battery is soldered with 2 wires, which can be removed if you want.

Charging is done via a USB-C port, and it charges at about 1A. This isn’t particularly slow, but if you have to charge a 5000mAh battery, it takes a while.

The number of lumens isn’t important, but just to share them, it has a total of about 183 lumens. But the most impressive numbers are in the throw department, because the maximum intensity measured is 537kcd, which equals to 1466 meters or 1603 yards.

So, yes, it’s cheap, and yes, it can throw very far.

No, you don’t get the highest quality light, but hey, what can you expect from an LEP of $90.

  • Battery: 21700 (built-in, non removable)
  • Maximum output: 183 lm
  • Max beam intensity: 537,900 cd
  • Max beam distance: 1466 m / 1603 yards
  • 3 modes: low medium, and high