Cheap LEP Flashlight in 2020

The list contains LEP flashlights that are available in online stores across the globe below $200.

(Up till today, only 1 has been available in this particular price range)


LEP Flashlight for $150-$170

Until the latter part of 2020, LEP flashlights on the market have been in the $300+ range. A price, that many can't really afford for a flashlight. Most people think that a $100 dollar flashlight may be overkill, let alone a $300 flashlight.

Flashlight have come a really long way in the last decade. Back in the day, when Maglite was the norm, flashlights were producing less than 100 lumens. These days, a flashlight with less than 1000 lumens isn't getting much attention.

Flashlights with over 25,000 lumens is getting most of the attention. But, within the flashlight community, things have usually been around brightness (output) but also about intensity (throw). There are basically 2 strong camps. The lumenmonsters and the throwers.

White laser flashlights have become more and more popular, and I think this is going to be the next 'big thing' in the flashlights world. The problem, however, has been the price.

Finally, it has become more affordable with the coming of some no-name LEP Flashlights.

No-name LEP flashlight (OEM LEP flashlight)

Neal, from Nealsgadgets is a well known source for the latest and greatest flashlights for great prices. And in Q3 of 2020, he announced a no-name LEP flashlight for $179. (use my discount code for an even better price)

Here at the specifications for the cheapest LEP flashlight currently available:

  • Battery used: 26650
  • Maximum output: 450 lm
  • Max beam intensity :810,000 cd
  • Max beam distance: 1800 m
  • Head diameter:  45mm,
  • Body diameter: 32.5mm,
  • Length: 172mm
  • Stainless steel attack bezel
  • USB-A out to charge phone/devices (power bank feature)
  • USB- C input for charging
  • Low Voltage Protection set at 2.5V
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Single-mode + Fast emergency strobe

This is the first 26650 battery on the list of LEP flashlights. It makes sense since they don't draw too much current and a 26650 has the highest capacity of regular lithium-ion batteries.