Fenix TK30

Fenix TK30
LEP classClass 3B
Distance1200 meters
Lumens500 lumens
Avg. Price$269

Fenix TK30 White Laser Flashlight reaching 1.2 km

In 2020, Fenix produced their first LEP flashlight, named TK30. I’m not sure why they choose that name because they already had a TK30 many years ago. But anyways, Fenix took the plunge and decided to get an LEP flashlight in their lineup.

Just like other LEP lights this size, it has a focused spotlight beam, but not as tight as the bigger ones like the Acebeam W30 and Weltool W4. Its hotpot is still smaller than most LED flashlights. One of the main differences between the TK30 and most of the other LEP lights is its strobe function.

The Acebeam W30 and Jetbeam M1X have only one switch. The Fenix TK30 has two; one rear switch for power and a side switch for changing modes.

Batteries and Charging

Fenix includes a ARB-L21-5000U 21700 lithium-ion battery with the kit. The battery itself has a USB-C port for charging. That, however, means it’s too long for a regular battery charger, so you have to use a USB charger. Charging is pretty quick and works with all types of USB chargers and even a laptop.

The battery itself has an over- and under-charge protection. That means it won’t overcharge (above 4.2V) or discharge below 2.5V. When the light reaches a low Voltage, it will turn off. If you want to use 18650 batteries, you have to use an adapter. They won’t be long enough to make contact with the springs on both ends.

Performance report

Fenix claims an output of maximum 500 lumens, but with my own testing I have measure 493 lumens. Also, its runtime is roughly 3.5 hours on High. But High doesn’t mean it does full power for 3.5 hours. It drops to somewhere between 130 and 200 lumens. That is quite a wide rang you may argue. And that’s because of its regulation. If you look at the runtime graph it shows a zigzag pattern. In-person this is hard to see, but a lux measuring device clearly shows this up and down graph. This is how the TK30 is regulated, and the same pattern is used in other non-LEP lights made by Fenix.

Low mode will run at about 120 lumens or so for almost 6 hours, using the battery Fenix included in the package.

My measurements show that High can do 1296 meters at peak. But the output drops quickly, so that peak beam intensity is only good for a few seconds. Within the first 15 minutes, the output drops from roughly 490 lumens to 250 lumens.


Get it

Warning: The Fenix TK30 is not available to the general public. At least not in the US. Fenix Stores located in the US will not sell it to you unless you can show you work for law enforcement or when you are military personnel. First responders may be able to get one when you can show proof.

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