iTarlights WL30

iTarlights WL30
LEP classN/A / shine-through
Beam distance / intensity? cd / 1,495 meters
Lumens380 lumens
Avg. Price$149

LEP flashlight only available at Alibaba

You don’t need to check AliExpress, Amazon, or any other major retail websites, because no platform has this brand for sale, except Alibaba. And that’s probably the main ‘problem’ with this brand and flashlight.

The iTarlights WL30 comes in a zippered case filled with microcell foam. It also includes quite a few accessories, including a 5,000mAh battery, manual, lanyard, charging cable, pocket clip, and split ring.

Switching works with a side e-switch. The switch has aux LEDs under the rubber boot to show the charging state.

iTarlights are pretty nicely made, solid lights for a good price. It’s nothing special, but it is a step above the cheapest LEP out there Natfire SF2. Except for the outer lens, because it was very dirty upon arrival.

Use, batteries, and more

The user interface is simple with 3 main modes and a strobe mode. It always starts in High mode, and with single clicks go from High to Low. A double click activates strobe.

The WL30 comes with a single 21700 battery with a 5,000mAh capacity. You don’t need to remove it for charging because it has onboard charging via a USB-C cable, which is also included. So you get a read-to-go package.


I don’t personally own this flashlight, so I copied most information from my fellow reviewer at 1Lumen, Nick.

Here’s what he measured:

ModeSpecsLumens @turn onafter 30 secafter 10 minutes
High380245 lumens241 lumens220

But lumens aren’t the most important, and for LEPs it’s too big of a deal to not reach the claimed output. But the beam distance is the most important.

Here’s what the candeala measurements did:

ModeSpecsCandela measured MetersYards
Low>40,000 cd185,900862943
Medium>100,000 cd423,1001,3011,423
High>200,000 cd502,900 cd1,418 meters1,620

The specifications were very vague, and incorrect. As you can see, the throw measurements for High mode were pretty high!

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