Jetbeam M1X WP-RX

Jetbeam M1X WP-RX
LEP class Class 3B
Distance 2300 meters
Lumens 480 lumens
Modes 2
Avg. Price $260

Jetbeam M1X WP-RX

Since LEP flashlights are to be used by professionals and not by the average Joe, they can be hard to source. The Jetbeam M1X is probably even harder to get than most other brands. No online store carries the M1X WP RX in the US, and only a few overseas. And they are getting rarer.

And that is a shame because this bad boy outperforms all other LEP flashlights that were on the market. It beats even the infamous Acebeam W30 by a decent margin.

Keep in mind that Jetbeam doesn’t have this particular light on their website.


One of the things that set the Jetbeam apart is the use of 2 modes. Flashlights like the Acebeam W10, W10 gen 2, and even the W30 all have a single-mode output.

The M1X WP-RX lets you choose between a High mode, that drops from roughly 480 lumens to about 250 lumens in 3 minutes and a low mode that runs for more than 8 hours. And all that from a single battery, namely a no-name blue 21700 micro USB rechargeable battery.

This battery is supposed to have a capacity of 5100mAh, but it’s tough to measure because it doesn’t fit into 99% of all the lithium-ion chargers currently available.

A 21700 battery is a better choice in terms of capacity and power over a 18650 battery. The highest capacity 18650 battery is currently around 3600mAh, while the capacity of a 21700 can go up to 5100mAh, and soon probably more.

I don’t think the output drops in 3 minutes because of the battery but rather by its built-in overheating protection.  If you care about the max output in high, the Acebeam W30 is doing a better job. The W30 doesn’t drop in output until it reaches the end of the battery. You have to recharge the battery with a micro USB cable, outside the flashlight.

The 21700 battery gives a runtime of up to 2 hours and 45 minutes on High and over 8 hours on Low.

Laser Excited Phosphor

Jetbeam is using different emitters than Acebeam. Acebeam’s LEP emitters are Class 2M lasers, and Jetbeam is using Class 3B lasers.

The Class 3B laser is a 2 classes higher than the Class 2M. Make sure with your local regulations how they identify each group. They may be illegal to use, although they aren’t exactly the same. LEP flashlights project the laser onto a phosphor layer than converts the blue laser into a whitish/yellowish beam and with convex lenses is adjusted to project a certain angle of light.

Interestingly enough, according to the specs, it is supposed to throw about as far as the Acebeam W30. But several reviews have pointed out that the M1X can beat the Acebeam W30 big time.

Some have measured the intensity of up to 2.3Mcd, which is about 1Mcd over its specifications. Instead of reaching 2.4 kilometers, the reviewer’s M1X could reach 3 kilometers. 3 kilometers is about 1.86 miles.

Here is the runtime graph:

You can see the drop, in output within the first few minutes.

And runtime of the low-mode.

Please also look at the following graph, compared to other large LEP flashlights.

LEP flashlight warning:

  • Do not aim at people. Do not aim at mirrors, glass, or other reflective materials. Do not aim at an aircraft or any vehicle in operation
  • Please use it in accordance with your local laws and regulations. Release the manufacturer and retailers from all liabilities.
  • LEP flashlights are for professional users, including military personnel and police. (It is not a civilian industry product.)
  • Users must be over 18 years of age.
  • Keep the light out of reach of children.

Get it

Unfortunately, these are very hard to get nowadays. I would recommend looking at the Weltool W4 Pro instead.

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