Lumintop Thor 1

Lumintop Thor 1
Lumintop Thor 1
LEP classN/A
Distance / intensity1200m / 34200cd
Lumens400 lumens
Avg. Price$288

The Lumintop Thor 1 with 1200 meters reach (342000 cd)

Before we dive into the details, it’s interesting to see that the beam intensity (342,000) and beam distance (1200 meters) aren’t matching. 342,000 cd is in reality, not 1170 meters.. I know, it’s not a big difference, but 1200 meters is actually 360,000 cd, which looks quite a bit more.

The Thor 1 is the second entry of Lumintop entry into the LEP flashlight market.

Besides its unique design, it’s also the second LEP flashlight with multiple body-color choices. Aside from the standard black coating, you can also choose raw aluminum and even titanium. (Titanium had a limited availability)

Batteries and Charging

Lumintop’s choice for a 18350 battery almost feels out of touch. Most manufacturers are using 21700’s for their LEP flashlights. The reason for this is mainly a much higher capacity.



Please take this lightly. LEP flashlights are not supposed to produce many lumens.

ModeLumens: specsLumens after 30secLumens after turn on
High500323 lm349 lm

Not reaching claimed lumens.


I started this short review by saying that Thor 1’s beam intensity and claimed reach are not corresponding. 342,000 cd is 1170 meters instead of 1200 meters, but let’s see if they can actually achieve that.

ModeCandela: specsCandela measuredDistance metersDistance yards
Low364,00 cd382417.30
Med148,000 cd769841.44
High342,000356,000 cd11931305.02

So, yes, it is able to reach a higher intensity than specced. But, it doesn’t throw as far as specced. I know, I know.. it’s almost the same, and that’s true 1193 meters vs 1200 meters. Nobody will see the difference by eye.

Here’s a runtime graph compared to other small LEP flashlights. You can see that the 18350 battery just isn’t cutting it compared to 18650 or 21700 flashlights.

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