Lumintop Thor 2

2Lumintop Thor 2
LEP classClass 3B
Distance / intensity1800m / 769500cd
Lumens500 lumens
Avg. Price$210

The Lumintop Thor 2 with 1800 meters reach (769500 cd)

The Thor is a brand new flashlight and Lumintop’s entry into the LEP flashlight market. And I have to admit, it doesn’t look like any other LEP flashlight currently on the market. It doesn’t even resemble any other normal Lumintop flashlight on the market either. I have no idea where they got the design from, but at least it’s unique.

Besides its unique design, it’s also the first LEP flashlight with multiple body color choices. Aside from the standard black coating, you can also choose between Sand and a Grey coating, and they even include a raw aluminum version as well.

Batteries and Charging

Lumintop’s choice for a 18650 (or actually a 18350) battery almost feels out of touch. Most manufacturers are stepping away from producing18650 flashlights these days and choose 21700’s instead. The reason for this is mainly a much higher capacity with only a slight increase in dimensions (18mm vs 21mm, and 65mm vs 70mm for the battery).

From what I can gather, the Thor is actually a 18350 flashilght with an optional extension tube for 18650 batteries. Nor in the pictures, nor in the ad I see anything related to charging. So I guess there is no built-in charge system, which is probably one reason why it is relatively cheap compared to its competitors.

Another thing that struck me is the model name. Why start with a Thor 2 and not with a Thor 1?


I don’t know how good in performs. So I’ll wait till I receive mine.

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