Lumintop Thor 3

Lumintop Thor 3
LEP classClass 3B
Distance / intensity2500m / 1,562,000 cd
Modes2 (mine had 3)
Avg. Price$219

The Lumintop Thor 3

I currently own both the Lumintop Thor 1 and Thor 2. And it’s only been a couple months ago since I received the Thor 2. Lumintop likes to expand its lineup of LEPs and introduced already its 3rd LEP flashlight.

This 3d Thor LEP looks a bit more appealing to me, since the other 2 were a bit outside the box. They didn’t look like any other Lumintop light they have.

Mine was a prototype product, and didn’t include the 2-mode driver, but rather a 3-mode driver. So keep that in mind.

Batteries and Charging

Okay, the Thor 3 accepts 21700 batteries. Both, flat tops and button tops, so you can go either way. 18650 flat tops won’t fit, but protected 18650 with button tops can work without an adapter.



Lumintop claims a maximum output of 400 lumens. We know that most of these LEP flashlights aren’t reaching their claimed output. And so it is with the Thor 3. Instead of the claimed 400, it can only do about 311 after 30 seconds.

This is not a problem, because LEP flashlights are about throw, and not lumen output.


Please keep in mind that the Thor 3 I received isn’t a production light, but a prototype light. And one of the biggest differences is the number of modes. Mine has 3, but according to the specs, it only has 2. My numbers can be seen below.

ModeSpecsMeasured in candelain metersin yards
High1,562,0001,728,000 cd26292875

So, yes, it is able to throw farther than specs!

Below is a graph, compared to other popular LEP flashlights.

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