Lumintop Thor 5

Lumintop Thor 5 LEP
Lumintop Thor 5
LEP class?????
Distance / intensity1300m / 360,000 cd
Avg. Price$399

The Lumintop Thor 5

I currently own the Lumintop Thor 1, Thor 2, Thor 2 v2, and Thor 3. And they don’t really look alike, so it’s no surprise that the Thor 5 doesn’t look similar either. But this is their 4th LEP flashlight.

One of the major differences is its titanium body. And of course, with a totally new, and different design from the other Lumintop Thor flashlights. And I’m not 100% sure if this is a good thing. I personally like it when a certain series looks the same so you know what to expect. And that’s a total mystery each time Lumintop comes with a new LEP flashlight.

Batteries and Charging

Originally, they told me that the Thor 5 was going to accept 21700 batteries. But now, when it finally appeared online, it’s using a 18350 battery. That means about 1/5th of the runtime of a 21700 battery.



This is not a review, so I only share what I know. Lumintop claims a maximum output of 370 lumens. We know that most of these LEP flashlights aren’t reaching their claimed output.

This is not a problem, because LEP flashlights are about throw and not lumens.


Lumintop claimed a reach of up to 1200 meters (or 360,000 cd).

Lumintop Thor 5 specifications

ModeLumens SpecsRuntime specsMax intensityMax distance
Low50 lumens2 hours
Med370 lumens5 minutes + 1 hour360,000 cd1200 meters

For the rest, they say it has the following specifications:

  • Impact resistance: 1m
  • Waterproof: IPC8 (2 meter underwater)
  • Size: 92mm
  • Weight: 215 grams
  • Material: Titanium
  • Battery: 1* 18350 (not included)

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