Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO

Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO
Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO
LEP classN/A (shine through)
Distance / intensity4,000,000 cd / 4,000 meters
Lumens1200 lumens
Avg. Price$599

The first double head LEP flashlight

It’s possible that Maxtoch wants to claim some world records, since the L2K, L3K, and LA60 were so good performers, they decided to double down, and go even more extreme.

And here we are, a dual-head LEP flashlight with a claimed output of 1,200 lumens, and 4 kilometers of reach. The double LEP head looks a little odd, but oh boy, it performs like no other. Of course the runtime is shorter than with a single LEP light source, but from testing, it still performs, extremely well. Even with the shorter runtime.

Batteries, price and more

Maxtoch sells a kit with 2 batteries and a charger for $599 without any discounts. This is a little steep for sure, but keep in mind, that the only competition at this point, is the Acebeam W50, which currently goes for $5000. Yes, you read that correctly.

So you have to keep this in mind when buying the Owleyes W PRO.. Oh, and please look carefully that you get the W PRO, and not jus the W2, which looks identical, but is a dual LED flashlight, instead of LEP. So those are 2 different flashlights altogether.

It uses 2*21700 batteries, which of course need a button top, in order to make contact. So if you have many flat tops, and don’t want to use some of your collection, just add some magnets (or even better, solder them) onto the positive terminal. That way, you still make contact, and can use this.

Performance: 2 lep heads in 1

This is what matters most.

I tested the Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO for lumens and throw. For throw I tested at 30 meters, which is not enough for a dual LEP flashlight. But even at this distance, its performance is staggering. It easily hits 4 million candelas. Yes, that means 4 km or 2.48 miles.

Here is the overview of the Lumen measurements. Always keep in mind that these numbers can be a little off. Add or take 5%-10%.

ModeSpecs@ start@ 30 sec@ 10 min
High1200 lumens1033966 lumens875

But lumens aren’t what LEP lights are about. They are about throw… and lots of it

Here are the candela numbers I got at 30 meters, after 30 seconds.

SpecsCd measuredMetersYardsMiles
4 Mcd / 4,000m3996000 cd3998 meters43722.48

Maxtoch recommends testing at 60 meters to have both beams center into 1 extremely strong beam. But even though, these numbers let you know that it easily reaches 4 Mcd at turn on..

Take a look at the following graph, which shows how well it performs compared to other great LEP flashlights.

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