Nextool 4Tool L10

Nextool 4Tool L10
LEP classN/A
Distance / intensity1200 m / 360,000 cd
Lumens400 lumens
Avg. Price$202

The Nextool 4Tool L10 1200 meter Long-shot white LEP flashlight

I know that’s kind of a funny name, but there you go. That’s what Banggood displays as its name. It was first seen in Q2 of 2021, and was one of the cheaper LEPs out there.

Nextool is not a well-known brand, but it has a few interesting offerings. Okay, not as interesting as Olight, Fenix, etc. This must be their first LEP, and I don’t personally own it, so I can’t really comment on it, except for it to look a bit cheap.

There is no clear indication of what type of LEP module it is using. It’s also not clear as to what type of laser is used (Class 2M? Class 3B?).

Batteries and Charging

The 4Tool L10 looks a lot like the Nextorch L10 Max, and they must be from the same manufacturer. Although, in all honesty, the L10 Max looks a bit better IMHO. The other difference between these 2 is the type of battery that they are using. The Nextool is using a 18650 battery, while the Nextorch is using a 21700 battery. Oh, and you probably notice those 2 brands look rather similar. So yeah, 1+1=? They are probably built by the same manufacturer, but 1 (Nextool) is the cheaper option of the 2. Oh, and if you see Banggood’s images, you can see that there is one with the text Nextorch next to it…

Charging can be done through a built-in USB-C charger.


Since I don’t own one, and I haven’t seen a decent review, I don’t what to expect from it. Lumens? I don’t think it will do 400 lumens.
From owning a few dozen LEP flashlights, I’m relatively sure it won’t be the best option in this category. And honestly, it doesn’t look as good as the other options either, except for its price perhaps. So your turn.

Throw? I don’t really know. Candela? Same.. I don’t know.

Get the flashlight here:

This flashlight is discontinued. Instead, I recommend look at the list with the best Laser Flashlights for an updated list with great LEPs.

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