Nextorch L10 Max

Nextorch L10 Max
LEP classN/A
Distance / intensity1200 m / 360,000 cd
Lumens400 lumens
Avg. Price$199

The Nextorch L10 Max 1200 meter 400 Lm Long shoot white LEP flashlight

You may think you have a Déjà vu. I know, this L10 Max looks a lot like the Nextool 4Tool L10. And that’s no surprise, because they were both released around the same time, have similar names, and looks very, very similar.

Nextorch has built already some high-end LEP flashlights like the Nextorch T7L, and Nextorch T10L, both excellent, very high-quality flashlights. But this seems to be in a different category. Not only price-wise, but also build quality-wise. No, it’s not bad at all, but definitely is not as great as the T7L or T10L.

Nextorch doesn’t indicate what type of LEP is, but it’s using the same specs at Banggood as with the Nextool 4Tool L10. 400 lumens and 1200 meters of throw.

Batteries and Charging

The Nextorch L10 Max is using a 21700 battery (included), and can be charged through USB-C.


Many people look at performance as one of the main factors for choosing a flashlight. But the more flashlights you have the more obvious it becomes that performance is not the only important factor. I’m saying this because of the UI. The L10 starts always in High mode, followed by Medium, Low, and Strobe. Yes, strobe is part of the main modes, and I don’t think many people enjoy that too much.

But, there is also good news. The Nextorch L10 Max performs better than on paper. Instead of 360,000 cd, the L10 Max can produce 440,000 cd, which equals 1327 meters of throw.

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