Nextorch T10L

S Nextorch T10L
LEP class Class 3B
Distance 1100 meters
Lumens 500
Modes 3 + strobe
Avg. Price $299

Nextorch T10L white laser flashlight reaching 1.1 km

After owning and reviewing some Nextorch flashlights I came to the conclusion that the brand is not as popular as it should be. Not many people in the flashlight community talk about Nextorch flashlights, and that is a shame.

Some people say the T10L looks like an upgraded Nextorch T7L with a few new features, but in reality, it’s much more than that. During my review of the T10L I came to the conclusion that they are totally wrong.

It now uses a 21700 battery so it can produce more energy for a longer period of time. They even include a 5000mAh lithium-ion battery with it. The battery itself can be charged via a USB-C cable, but charges at a rate of 1.3 Amps.

The mode many has also changed and instead of the 2 output modes, the new T10L has 3 output modes + direct access to strobe. It is actually quite interesting to see they now include a magnetic dial ring as a switch. Simply twist the dial to select your preferred output mode: Low, Medium, High, and Strobe. You don’t need to press the switch for that.

When you set the output mode to Low, you still can use the switch to half-press for instant High, and a full-press for Strobe. So in any mode, you can quickly activate High momentarily. This is a very interesting feature!

This is Nextorch’s second LEP flashlight. It has the typical characteristics of the Nextorch line-up flashlights. The strike bezel, the type of knurling, and the design of the head. No, this is not a copy of any other brand, and that’s another reason why I don’t know why it’s not so popular amongst the flashoholics.


The max output is claimed to be 500 lumens and I don’t have to doubt it can do that. The older T7L was already able to almost hit the 500 lumens. Specs can be a bit deceiving, so I hope I can get my hands on this bad boy as well, and test it.

Medium has a max output of 140 lumens for 5 hours and Low has an output of 55 lumens and 8.5 hours.

The max beam distance is supposed to be 1100 meters.

If you’re interested in more runtimes, check out the competitors as well, namely: Fenix TK30, Acebeam W10 gen 2 and Jetbeam M2S.

Some specs:

  • Max output High: 500 lumens (measured 477 lumens at the start, 468 after 30 seconds)
  • Max output Med: 140 lumens ( I measured 135 lumens)
  • Max output low: 55 lumens ( I measured 50 lumens)
  • Max beam distance: 1100meters ( I measured 1391 meters, at 20 meters distance)
  • 21700 battery with USB-C charge port
  • Momentary On in any mode.

Runtime comparison with the Nextorch T7L in terms of candela. You can see that the new T10L is outperforming the T7L by a lot.

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