Nextorch T20L

Nextorch T20L
LEP classClass 3B
Distance / intensity1,000,000 / 2,000 meter
Lumens900 lumens
Avg. Price$449

The 3rd Nextoch T L LEP flashlight: summary review

Nextorch has been producing high-quality flashlights for many years. And although not very popular in the flashlight communities, their flashlights can be found in many stores around the world.

The T20L is their 3rd generation Nextorch T LEP flashlight, and the 4th LEP flashlight in their lineup, as far as I am aware. The first one was the Nextorch T7L, and then came the Nextorch T10L. And just a few months before the release of the T20L came the Nextorch L10 Max.

But none of the earlier versions were this large. And the larger the size head, the longer distance it can throw. And 1 more thing that is note worthy is the very high output they claim. So what can we expect from this?

Something special is going on with this one

One of the other things noteworthy is the use of the battery. The T20L uses a 21700 battery with a protection board, but instead of inserting it with the positive terminal towards the front, it’s inserted in a reverse way. The positive terminal points towards the tailcap instead. Oh, and charging can be done in a normal charger, or you can use the included proprietary charging cable. Charging with the built-in charger charges with a current of about 1.3A.

And no, you shouldn’t use flat top, unprotected batteries. They won’t fit well, and lose contact when you shake the light.

The switch is also different. At first, it feels like a normal forward clicky switch, but in reality it’s a dual switch, that works like a forward clicky switch when turned off, and like a reverse clicky switch when turned on. That way you can signal while it is turned off, and change modes while it is activated. Pretty neat!


Here we go. One of the first things I thought: what an exaggerated output they claim. But lo and behold, the 900 lumens aren’t exaggerated, but are actually easily reached.

Here are the numbers:

ModeSpecsMeasured @start@30sec@ 10min
High900 lumens981 lm975 lm286 lm

And when it comes to throw. The numbers are also better than specced, but not as good as some other throwers.

ModeSpecsCandela measuredMetersYards
High1,000,0001,284,000 cd22662478

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