Nextorch T7L

Nextorch T7L
LEP class Class 3B
Distance 1100 meters
Lumens 400
Modes 2 + strobe
Avg. Price $299

Nextorch T7L white laser flashlight reaching 1.1 km

Have you heard of Nextorch before? I did, but only because I have been into flashlights since 2009 and even a little before that. All I can say about the quality of the Nextorch T7L is fantastic. I didn’t know they build such high-quality lights and have seriously been blown away by it. Smooth edges and nice anodization give this a premium flashlight feeling. And therefore the high-end price as well. For nearly 300 dollars you get an LEP flashlight with a nice amount of accessories.

This is Nextorch’s first LEP flashlight and that makes it a little more special. Where did they get all that knowledge from? Or did they simply outsource this to a major manufacturer? In terms of shape and design, it’s totally different from all other flashlight brands. So it is not a copy of anything.

Anyways, within the package, you can find a USB charge cable, lanyard, spare o-rings, manual, and a low-capacity 18650 battery of 2600mAh.

Batteries and Charging

The battery is labeled as 1INR19/66 and is a 18650-type battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh. I truly hope its successor will use 21700 batteries instead. Although the charging cable does have a USB port on 1 end, it has a special charge port on the other. USB ports are usually a little less waterproof.

The charge port is next to the switch and the same port is used for Nextorch’s remote switch. The port has therefore 2 functions. Since it’s a proprietary system, you should be careful not to lose the charging cable. But even though you did, you can still charge the battery in a normal Lithium-Ion battery charger.


The output starts at almost 500 lumens but then quickly drops to 125 lumens within 2 minutes. So keep that in mind! Specs don’t really show that. Max runtime is 2 hours and 20 minutes. So yes, it does more than 1100 meters but only for a very short time.

Low mode starts off around 50 lumens and has a total runtime of roughly 4 hours and 15 minutes.

If you’re interested in more runtimes, check out the competitors as well, namely: Fenix TK30, Acebeam W10 gen 2, and Jetbeam M2S.

Some specs:

  • Max output High measured: 524 lumens (manufacturer claims 400)
  • Max output low measured: 52 lumens (manufacturer claims 45)
  • Max beam distance measured: 1308 meters (measured at 20 meters)
  • Proprietary charge system
  • Momentary On

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