Nitecore P35i

Nitecore P35i
LEP classClass 1
Distance / intensity678,000 cd / 1,650 meters*
Lumens410 lumens*
Avg. Price$299

A hybrid flashlight with 1650 meters of throw

Acebeam has a couple of LEP flashlights, as well as Olight, and Fenix. But why has Nitecore not built one yet? Well, the time has come..

And Nitecore took the time, to not just build another LEP thrower, but chose a hybrid LEP instead. A hybrid LEP makes use of 2 light sources. Namely, an LEP and LED light source.

In this case, the P35i has 1 LEP module built in for throw, and 6*XPG3 for flood. And to top it off, they even added an OLED screen for showing extra information. It gives you 3 different mode options: Spot mode (just the LEP), Flood mode (just the LEDs), and Mix mode, with LEP + LED. This is something only 2 other brands have done so far.

And each of those menus has several options. Flood mode and Spot mode have 5 modes each, while Mix mode has 3.

The only thing I’m not so fond of, is the use of XPG3 LEDs…

Use, batteries, and more

Nitecore made a nice overview of what batteries the light accepts.

Nitecore 21700 iSeries217003.6Y (Recommended)
2x CR123 >8ACR1233A3Y (Compatible)
2x RCR123 >8ARCR123A3.7Y (Compatible)
Rechargeable 21700217003.6N (Incompatible)
Rechargeable 18650186503.6N (Incompatible)

The interesting thing to note is the incompatibility of normal 21700 batteries. That either means that the battery included is a proprietary battery with both, the negative, and positive terminal on 1 end, or that it doesn’t want you to use normal batteries.

It’s probably the former. The included battery has a positive and negative terminal at 1 end. But at the same time, it’s a little strange to see that 2*CR123 are compatible. Mine should arrive soon, so I can share the results.


Well, this is still unknown. According to specs, it’s supposed to have a maximum output of 3000 lumens (in mix mode, and flood mode), and a maximum beam intensity of 678,000 cd.

Will it throw that far? Possibly!

I can’t wait to see this bad boy in action. Not only because I want to see how far it reaches, but also how well it works as a hybrid flashlight. All in all, this is quite promising.

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