Olight Odin Turbo

Olight Odin Turbo
LEP classClass 1
Distance / intensity1050 meters
Lumens330 lumens
Avg. Price$259

Olight’s first LEP flashlight: Olight Odin Turbo (Weapon Mount Light)

Back in 2020, Olight shared a video on their YouTube channel about one of their meetings. During this meeting, they showed off a Laser Excited Phosphor flashlight. Ever since I saw that video, I have been waiting to get my hands on their first LEP flashlight. And lo and behold, after more than 1 year of waiting, the waiting has paid off.

Now I can finally say how good (or bad) the Olight Odin Turbo is.

In the past several months, multiple new LEP flashlights entered the market. And I’ve seen the shift of using the traditional mirror-base LEP module to the see-through LEP modules. And Olight is also using the shine-through method, and calls it a Laser category 1. That’s actually quite interesting, because they advertise it as 330 lumens and 1050 meters of reach. That must be a bit more difficult to do with these new modules, but perhaps I am wrong.

During my test (that you can see below) I was pleasantly surprised, and this is yet another good example of great craftmanship, and research. Especially considering them announcing this light over 1 year ago.

One other thing that makes this light stand out, is that it’s a Weapon-Mount flashlight. WML lights are usually not this ‘throwy’ so they must have had a particular situation in mind, where you aren’t using a close up encounter, but at medium range or farther.

The gun mount can be removed, but you still have a little bump on the side.


LEP flashlight are of course, one of the farthest reaching handheld flashlights on the planet. With a small amount of lumens, they can reach for hundreds of yards, without producing too much heat. The Olight Odin does warm up, but not bad at all.

In terms of throw, I measured the following at 20 meters distance:

Modes:SpecsMeasured @30secin Metersin Yardsin Miles
High275,625 cd368,000 cd12131326.840.75
Lown/a112,000 cd669731.990.42

And below is a great comparison between all the smaller LEP flashlights I own.

Conclusion: this is one of the best small LEP flashlights, (although officially a Weapon Mount Light).

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