Laser flashlights (LEP)

LEP flashlights are sometimes referred to as White Laser Flashlights or Laser Flashlights. We keep an updated compilation of the most well-known LEP flashlights currently and formerly on the market.

The list consists of Laser lights available to the general public. There are several lights only available to professionals, which cost in the 4 figures.

NameLEP classMax. distance metersCandela1Lumen
Max. lumensCellModesAdjustable beamStrobeYear
Acebeam Terminator M11,600640,000700217003YesYes2023
Acebeam W10Class 2M1,000250,000250217001NoNo2018
Acebeam W10 gen IIClass 2M1,217370,272496,000450217001NoYes2019
Acebeam W30Class 2M2,4001,440,0001,312,000500217001NoNo2019
Amutorch BT351,371470,000402,800370186502NoNo2022
Amutorch BT55N/A2,8982,100,00060021700?Yes?2021
Amutorch BT602,5601,640,0001,644,000400217002NoNo2022
Astrolux WP1N/A1,000250,000480217003NoYes + SOS2020
Astrolux WP2N/A2,3001,322,500480217003NoYes + SOS2020
Astrolux WP32,9002,180,0002,412,000562217003NoYes2021
Astrolux WP41,303425,000310186502NoYes2022
Fenix HT30RClass 11,500600,000700,000500217002NoYes2022
Fenix TK30Class 3B1,200360,000384,000500217002NoYes2020
Fireflies LEP2023
iTarlights WL203,000200,00058021700*23NoYes2022
iTarlights WL301,495200,00038021700*23NoYes2022
Jetbeam M1X WP-RXClass 3B2,3001,322,5002,280,000480217002NoNo2019
Jetbeam RRT M1X Raptor2,3001,322,500880,000480217003NoYes + SOS2021
Jetbeam M2S WP-RXClass 3B**1,800**810,000345,200480217002NoNo2019
Jetbeam RRT M2S Raptor1,000250,000248,000480217003NoYes + SOS2021
Loop SK011,600640,000350,000910183504YesNo2023
Lumintop Ant Man59087,025165145001NoNo2021
Lumintop Thor 11,200342,000356,000400183503NoNo2021
Lumintop Thor 2Class 3B1,800769,500891,00050018350/186503NoNo2021
Lumintop Thor 32,5001,562,5001,728,000400217002NoNo2021
Lumintop Thor 4 (hybrid)1,170342,000356,000280217005NoNo2022
Lumintop Thor 51,200360,000370183502NoYes,22022
Lumintop Thor PRO (Hybrid)1,300426,200429,20030018650*45NoNo2022
Maratac DX Reach rev21,892895,000396,000600217002NoYes2023
Maratac Mini LEP Cosmos707124,972260145002NoNo2023
Mateminco FW21,390483,000440,000350186502NoYes2022
Mateminco FW3 (hybrid)1,356460,000284,000255217007NoYes2022
Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO4,0004,000,0003,995,000120021700*23NoNo2022
Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO v24,0004,000,0004,000,000120021700*33NoYes2023
Maxtoch Xsword L2K2,0001,000,00050018650*23NoNo2018
Maxtoch Xsword L2K (2021)2,7001,823,0002,508,00060021700*23NoNo2021
Maxtoch Xsword L2KD3,2002,560,0003,051,00065021700*33NoNo2022
Maxtoch Xsword L2KSD3,2002,560,000650217003NoNo2023
Maxtoch Xsword L2Ks (short)2,8001,960,0002,308,000600217003NoNo2021
Maxtoch Xsword L3K3,0002,250,0001,908,00065021700*23NoNo2021
Maxtoch Xsword L3KS (short)3,0002,250,000650217003NoNo2021
Maxtoch Xsword LA602,5001,562,5002,272,00050021700*23YesNo2021
Maxtoch Xsword LA60S (short)2,8001,960,000500217003YesNo2021
Natfire SF21,200360,000347,600300217003NoYes2022
Nebo Luxtreme SL100 (hybrid)1,600640,000676,00028021700*24NoNo2022
Nextorch L10 Max1,200360,000400217003NoYes2021
Nextorch T7LClass 3B1,100302,500428,000400186502NoYes2019
Nextorch T10LClass 3B1,100302,500484,000500217003NoYes2020
Nextorch T20LClass 3B2,0001,000,0001,284,000900217003NoYes + SOS2021
Nitecore P35i (hybrid)1,650678,000674,400410217005NoYes2022
NlightD L12,4081,449,6161,940,000500217002NoNo2022
Olight Odin TurboClass 11,050275,625368,000330217002NoNo2021
Richfire SFC-039500217002NoYes + SOS2021
Tank007 PTL011,400490,000390,400500217003NoYes2022
Trustfire T30RClass 3B1,100302,500460186503NoSOS2022
Unbranded 26650 LEPN/A1,800810,000992,000450266501NoYes2020
Weltool LH3 (head only)Class 3B886196,24933518350/186501NoNo2020
Weltool W1836175,000630186502NoNo2022
Weltool W3Class 3B848179,776200186502NoNo2018
Weltool W3 PROClass 3B1,205363,006363,600505217002NoNo2020
Weltool W3 PRO TacClass 11,479547,500583,600930217001+1NoYes2023
Weltool W35L/W65L836175,000630186501NoNo2022
Weltool W4Class 3B2,6701,782,2252,184,000560217002NoNo2020
Weltool W4 PRO3,3942,882,0002,808,000568217002NoNo2022
Weltool W4 PRO Tac3,3942,882,000568217002NoYes2023
Weltool W5N/A2,8071,970,0001,716,0005992*22500/217002NoNo2021

The complete white Laser list, sorted by name

What is a white laser flashlight exactly?

It’s quite ironic that white light lasers don’t actually exist and therefore the name is a bit misleading. These flashlights use blue lasers that shine upon (or through) phosphor that transforms the color of the beam into a whitish/yellowish color.

None of the LEP flashlights I own and tested actually has a bright white beam, but are always yellowish/blueish. And since there are mainly 2 different types of LEP modules, the ones that are referred to as “shine through” tend to have the nicer beams.

They have such a narrow hotspot and almost no spill, they are fun to play with but the applications are limited. You can hit buildings or structures up to 2 miles away, but you need binoculars in order to see what is hit. Some people even said: it’s so bright, you can’t even see what you are pointing at. Although quite funny, it’s not the case when you hit something a couple of hundred meters/yards away.

One application you can use them for is hunting. Some of the laser flashlights include a colored filter, like the ones provided with some Maxtoch lights. They are usually red, but green and yellow filters are sometimes included as well. These are especially handy in case a certain game is less sensitive to that particular color.

Although manufacturers need specifications in order to show what the flashlight is capable off, from testing I have seen that these numbers are 9/10 wrong. They either overperform or underperform. From all the White Laser Flashlights I own, only a handful is spot on.

When you are looking for an LEP flashlight, make sure you read the reviews first. Some manufacturers make ridiculous claims like Jetbeam. The Jetbeam M1X is actually underperforming by a large percentage while the Jetbeam M2S WP-RX is underperforming by a large percentage. My advice: read, read, read… and don’t believe the manufacturer’s specs.

Always make sure that the one you want to get is actually reviewed and not by someone that hasn’t used a Lux Meter. Don’t trust those, who say: it throws farther than X, or mine is double the throw of Y. But look at reviews that have them measured with a lux meter, and not just by eye!

Have a look around to see which white laser flashlight fits you best.