Weltool W3

Weltool W3
LEP class Class IIIb
Distance 848 meters
Lumens 200 lumens
Modes 2
Avg. Price $265

Weltool W3 “Featherless Arrow”

The Weltool W3 was one of the first LEP flashlights available to the public, together with the Acebeam W10. It included a Class IIIb laser to emit 200 lumens and maximum beam intensity of up to 18,000 candela.

This was also the very first LEP flashlight in Weltool’s lineup. One thing they didn’t do back in the day (2018), was adding a high power, high drain battery. Now, a few years later, they do include high amp batteries with their newest models.

Batteries and Charging

As I already mentioned above, Weltool didn’t include a battery with the first Weltool W3. Some may argue that a manufacturer doesn’t need to add a battery since you can buy them anywhere and everywhere. And that is actually the problem.

If you let people decide what battery to use, and how to charge it, you are likely to see some crazy people doing crazy things. In that case, you can’t guarantee, as a manufacturer, that people can get the best performance. So, this is a serious question for you. Would you rather like to use your own batteries, or use batteries that were recommended by the manufacturer?

As long as you own high-quality batteries, you should be okay. But from a manufacturing perspective, I would like my customers to get the maximum out of their new tool.

The W3 doesn’t use a 21700 battery but the more common 18650 type. There are currently more 18650 batteries on the market than 21700 batteries. Weltool did however upgrade to 21700 batteries with its successor, the Weltool W3 PRO.

Performance and Features

  • Battery: 1 x 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery (not included)
  • High efficient circuit, with no PWM
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Over-discharge protection
  • Hardened glass lens with double coating
  • Squared threads for wear resistance
  • Gold plated contact springs
  • Impact tested to 1-meter drop
  • Double O-ring protection, water-resistance up to IP67

Out of production

The Weltool W3 has been out of production for a while. Please check out its successor, called Weltool W3 PRO.

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