Weltool W4 PRO

Weltool W4 PRO
LEP class Class 3B
Distance 3394 meters
Lumens 568 lumens
Modes 2 + strobe
Avg. Price $460

New Weltool W4 PRO “Dragon in cloud” can throw 3.3 kilometers

While some manufacturers pump out new model after new model, Weltool upgrades its existing lights. The original W4 was a very good flashlight, with tremendous throw, and number 1 in regards to single-cell LEP flashlights.

The W4 had a total candela rating of 1,780,000 cd and the new one 2,880,000 cd. That’s an increase of 1million candela. And that’s an amazing upgrade and puts it directly on the list of best LEP flashlights. I talked to Weltool, and they explained they used a different LEP module, different low resistance springs, and a few more techniques to increase an already impressive long-range beam.

Well, that’s what it claims to reach. But although Weltool is trustworthy, I would like to test it myself, and that’s what I did.

Batteries and Charging

Fortunately, Weltool still ships the W4 PRO with a high amp 21700 battery. It’s a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5,000mAh and built-in USB-C charging. The charge rate is rather slow, but every flashlight user should have some spare batteries and a separate charger anyway.

Performance and Features

The W4 PRO is rated at 568 lumens, and mine reached 550 lumens on a Weltool battery after 30 seconds, and 576 lumens at turn on with a new Samsung 40T cell.

Here are the other measurements with the Weltool battery:

ModeSpecsAt turn on30 seconds10 minutes
Low210193197 lm178
High568 lm567550 lm514

Note: the W4 PRO has 2 modes + hidden strobe mode. Strobe can be activated with a triple tap when off. There is 1 problem with this W4 PRO, and that’s the UI. It doesn’t have any kind of memory. If you turn the light on, and it’s high mode… the next time you turn it on, it’s in low mode. And if you used it in low mode, the next time it will be in High mode. We normally call this the next-mode memory, which many people dislike. I also don’t like it, but at least it has only 2 modes, so switch between them is rather easy.

They also told they might include mode memory in one of the next batches, always starting in Low.

The W4 performed better than specs, so I’m curious whether the W4 PRO also performs better than specs in terms of throw.

Little secret: I helped Weltool get the measurements, and they did their own measurements and used an in-between number for its specs.

The following graph is a comparison of candela with other well-known large LEP flashlights. The Weltool W4 PRO is performing better than all other single cell LEP flashlights.

The graph shows how well it performs.. It’s one of the best LEP flashlights on the planet.

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