Weltool W5

Weltool W5
LEP class N/A
Distance 2807 meters
Lumens 699 lumens
Modes 2
Avg. Price $400

Weltool W5 “Thunderbolt” claims throw of 2.8 kilometers

The Weltool W5 looks like any other ordinary LED flashlight, but the inside is not. Instead, it’s using a Laser Exciting Phosphor emitter that turns a blue laser into a white beam.

On paper, the w5 can throw farther than its older sibling, the Weltool W4. And of all the single-cell LEP flashlights, that is still one of the farthest-reaching ones. But the W5 isn’t exactly a 1 to 1 comparison, because it doesn’t run on 1 battery, but 2.

Batteries and Charging

By default, the W5 includes 2*22500 batteries, but you can order 2*22430 batteries with onboard USB charging as well. The 22500 batteries don’t have onboard charging, so you need to have (or buy) a lithium-ion battery charger. The 21500 do have more capacity. But to really increase runtime, you can use the battery extender, with 2*21700 batteries. That will increase the runtime significantly.

Fortunately, Weltool ships high amp batteries with the Weltool W5, so you don’t need to worry about that. High power flashlights need high power batteries. One of the main concerns manufacturers have is the use of inadequate or improper use of cells by users.

To get rid of this potential problem, manufacturers ship good-quality batteries with their flashlights. Sometimes built-in, and occasionally proprietary. Either way, manufacturers want their customers to have the best experience possible.

Performance and Features

This is probably what you are here for.

Here are some of Weltool’s specifications

  • A high-mode output of 699 lumens
  • A low-mode output of 198 lumens
  • Max distance in High: 2807 meters
  • Max distance in Low: 1649 meters
  • High efficiency constant current drive circuit, no noise, and no PWM
  • Temperature control protection: when the flashlight temperature is too high, the flashlight will automatically reduce the brightness to prevent overheating
  • Low voltage reminder function (battery indicator + main light flashing reminder)
  • Battery polarity protection
  • Coated tempered glass lens
  • Passed a 1-meter drop test
  • Double O-rings to make it waterproof, (IP67)
  • Each flashlight has a unique serial number
  • Included: 2  INR22-24 or UB22-19 Li-ion batteries, Type-C charging data cable, O ring

But during testing, I couldn’t get mine to reach the specced output or distance.


ModeAmpsSpecs@ turn on30 seconds10 minutes
High1.63A699 lm597 lm560 lm525 lm

The output is pretty high for an LEP flashlight, but it’s not as high as it was advertised.

Beam intensity measured at 20 meters:

ModeSpecsI measuredMetersYardsMiles
Low680,000 cd640,000 cd160017500.99
High1,970,000 cd1,716,000 cd2620 meters28651.63

As you can see, mine didn’t reach the claimed distance.

Here is the runtime graph from the W5 with the 2 kinds of batteries for Low and High mode

This is an interactive graph. You can move your mouse over the graph to see the actual data.

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