Acebeam Terminator M1

Acebeam Terminator M1
Acebeam Terminator M1
LEP type / classHybrid LED + Shine through LEP
Max. beam intensity (candelas)640,000 cd
Max. beam distance (meters)1,600 meters
Max. output (lumens)700 lm (+ 3500 for LED)
LEP Modes6 + strobe
Avg. Price listed by manufacturer$279.90

Dual light source flashlight

Acebeam has been at the forefront of producing LEP flashlights.. well.. until about a couple of years ago, when they produced their latest LEP flashlight, available to the public. And that was the Acebeam W10 Gen 2. So it has been quite some time since they added a new LEP flashlight, and finally, after about 4 years, they added the Acebeam Terminator M1.

That’s a mouth full, for sure.

And it does have some very unique characteristics. First of all, it’s a hybrid flashlight, with LEDs and an LEP. This means that you can use the M1 for close up work (with the LEDs) and reach very far (with the LEP), by a simple click. But even more interesting is that the LEP has a zoom mechanism, so you can adjust the beam from wide to narrow by simply rotating the bezel.

Use, batteries, and more

The Terminator has 6 modes for the LEDs, and can reach up to 3,500 lumens (with 6500K emitters) or 2,300 lumens (with High CRI emitters). And the LEP can reach up to 700 lumens according to specifications. If that is true, it’s definitely one of the brightest single cell LEP flashlights.

It uses a 21700 battery, that I suppose is included in the package. It’s one with a USB-C port, so you can charge it anywhere, and anytime, as long as you have a USB-C cable and a USB charger.


I tested the Acebeam M1, and got the following measurements from measuring at 20 meters:

ModeSpecifiedI measured:in metersin yards
Low105,625 cd84,000 cd580 m634 yd
Med245,025 cd228,000 cd955 m1044 yd
High640,000 cd584,000 cd1528 m1671 yd

Then I also tested the Lumen output with the LED as well as the LEP light source.

LED ModeSpecifiedMeasured at 0 sec30 sec10 min.
Moon1 lm1 lm2 lm
Low50 lm125 lm124 lm
Med1150 lm208 lm207 lm206
Med2500 lm551 lm548 lm542
High1000 lm1117 lm1104 lm1076
Turbo3500 lm2593 lm3744 lm1055

And here is the LEP measurements:

Zoomed-in ModeSpecifiedTurn on30 sec10min
Low100 lm62 lm62 lm59 lm
High250 lm175 lm174 lm169 lm
Turbo700 lm387 lm491 lm221 lm

Final verdict

The M1 is a very interesting light. It’s a hybrid LEP flashlight, small enough to carry it in your jacket pocket, and perhaps in cargo pants pockets. The LEP is focusable, with a maximum distance of over 1500 meters.

With a click on a button, you switch between the LEP and the LED light source. I highly recommend it… if you are in for a hybrid LEP, with zoom function.

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