Weltool W5 Pro

Weltool W5 Pro
LEP type / classClass 1 / shine through
Max. beam intensity (candelas)2,020,000 cd
Max. beam distance (meters)2,842 meters
Max. output (lumens)990 lm
Avg. Price$400

The successor of the W5

Weltool was one of the first companies to introduce LEP flashlights, back in 2017-2018. They did that with the Weltool W3, which never really got the attention LEP flashlights get these days.

After the W3, there came the Weltool W3 Pro, and later the W4, W4 Pro, W4 Pro Tac, W5, and now the W5 Pro.

Probably the most interesting feature about the W5 Pro is the high output, advertised at 990 lumens. That’s about double the output of a regular LEP flashlight. And in the realms of LED flashlights, but with a beam distance, no LED can reach with these dimensions.

To get this output, the W5 Pro uses a different LEP module than the rest, and even though it’s a shine-through type, the center piece of the module (where you see the yellow phosphor) has a diameter about twice of a normal module.

That’s probably one reason why the hotspot is so much bigger, and it even has some spill. The only problem with the W5 Pro is currently the green tint. It’s not white, but pretty green. If you don’t mind that.. continue reading.

Use case, batteries, and more

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with new use cases for LEP flashlights, but there surely are some valid reasons to have one. You could use it for searching, wild life searching, hunting, or simply use it as a location beacon. Shine it up in the sky, and let people know your location. An excellent tool for when you are lost… somewhere.

Another thing that sets the W5’s apart from other flashlights is the use of 2 small batteries in series. Weltool gives you the option to choose between 2*22500 batteries and 2*22430 batteries. The latter have the same dimensions, but include a charging port, and therefore lower capacity. The 22430 Weltool provides have a capacity of 1900mAh, and the 22500 have a total capacity of 2400mAh.

Thankfully, Weltool also sells an extension tube (BB5) to replace the 22430 for 21700 batteries, doubling the total runtime. But these 21700 batteries need button tops in order to make contact.

Performance W5 Pro

Weltool flashlights perform the best with a fresh set of new batteries. And that includes the W5 Pro as well.

Here’s my measurements with new Weltool UB22-19 batteries

ModeSpecifiedLumens at turn on:30 sec.10 min.
Low280 lm289 lm284 lm272 lm
High990 lm1050 lm981 lm671 lm

Then I also tested it with 2*21700 batteries I have lying around. These have done a few dozen cycles at this time, so it gives you a good indication of how the flashlight performs in normal use, and not just with fresh batteries.

ModeSpecifiedLumens at turn on30 sec.10 min.
Low280 lm285 lm281 lm271 lm
High990 lm1037 lm968 lm667 lm

I then also tested the Runtimes

ModeSpecified runtimeMeasured runtime (ANSI FL1)Time till shut off
Low 2*224303h 40min3h 30min3h 30min
High 2*224301h 47min1h 19min1h 19min
Low 2*217008h8h 24min8h 24min
High 2/217003h 12min3h 22min3h 22min

And lastly, I tested the beam intensity by testing outdoors at 20 meters.

Here are the measurements:

ModeSpecifiedI measuredMetersYardsMiles
Low640,000 cd704,000 cd1678 m1835 yd1.04 mi
High2,020,000 cd2,284,000 cd3023 m3306 yd1.88 mi

My measurements showed a higher beam intensity than advertised, with a beam distance of over 3,000 meters. That is amazing, especially considering the output of 900+ lumens.

If you don’t mind the green looking beam, and the dual-cell setup, the W5 Pro is a good choice for a new generation LEP flashlights.

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