FireFlyLite LEP01

Name Flashlight
LEP type / class– / shine through
Max. beam intensity (candelas)2,100,000 cd
Max. beam distance (meters)2,100 meters
Max. output (lumens)450 lm
Avg. Price$228

FireFlyLite’s first LEP flashlight

The FireFlyLite LEP01 is FireFlyLite’s first LEP flashlight. And the flashlight I got was a prototype product, with a few small issues.

This included a loose inner tube, something rattling inside, and the threads being very rough and soft, resulting in lots of aluminum shaving. Adding lubrication to the threads help a lot, but this should have been done from the factory.

The rear e-switch is located in the rear, next to the USB-C port. So you can charge the provided 21700 battery inside the flashlight via a USB-C cable.

On the inside, you can see a typical shine-through LEP module, that generally speaking makes a nicer, even beam. Mirror type modules tend to have more beam artifacts, but the LEP01 Hunter I received also has some artifacts. FireFlyLite will be working on this.

Besides the LEP01 Hunter, they introduced the LEP02 Arrows at the same time.

Both flashlight have some secondary AUX LEDs installed inside the light, that can be activated by 9 fast clicks. Unfortunately, this has been pretty unreliable, and FireFlyLite will look into this as well. So, when you get the Hunter, you probably notice a little change in the UI, compared to mine.

Use, batteries, and more

Mine was delivered with a 5,000mAh 21700 battery, which was labeled USB-21750. It has a USB-C charging mechanism built-in, so you can remove the battery from the flashlight, and charge it with a USB-C cable.

The length of this battery is 77mm, in fits snug inside the flashlight. If you want to use unprotected flat top 21700 batteries, they will fit as well. Just make sure you don’t bump the light, because the unprotected, flat top battery will loose contact and turn the light off.


The measurements were taken manually at turn on and 30 seconds. The 10 minute numbers are taken from my runtime graph.

ModeSpecifiedMeasured at turn on30 sec.10 min.
Low82 lm82 lm84 lm
High450 lm448 lm391 lm352 lm

I also tested the runtimes:

ModeSpecified runtimeMeasured runtime (ANSI FL1)Time till shut off
Low4h 30min6h 21min6h 21min
High1h 30min3h 45min3h 45min

And of course the beam intensity/distance was tested at 20 meters distance.

ModeSpecifiedI measured:MetersYards
Low164,000 cd810 m886 yd
High1,100,000 cd816,000 cd1807 m1976 yd

From these tests, the performance was pretty okay, but the issues with the tube, and UI made it a bit of a problem. FireFlyLite will look into these, and hopefully fix them soon after I shared my review with them.

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