Lumintop Thor 4

Lumintop Thor 4
Lumintop Thor 4
LEP classN/A
Distance / intensity342,000 cd
Lumens280 lumens (and 2800 lumens for LED)
Modes5 LEP + 5 LED + 5 Combo
Avg. Price$212

A hybrid flashlight with 4 LEDs and 1 LEP

It’s only been quite recently have we seen hybrid flashlights. We are talking about an LED and LEP flashlight in 1. The Thor 4 is one of the handfuls of options currently available. Besides the Lumintop Thor 4, you have the Lumintop THor PRO, Nebo Luxtreme SL100, Mateminco FW3, Nitecore P35i, and that’s probably about it. I might have forgotten 1 or 2, but there aren’t many more.

Lumintop has been adding more and more LEP flashlights to its lineup, including the Lumintop Thor PRO. It’s a 4*18650 flashlight with lots of lumens, and lots of throw. But it’s pretty big and heavy.

The Thor 4 is therefore a very nice alternative. Where you still get lots of throw (from the LEP) while still enjoying a floody beam with the 4 LEDs. It’s claiming a maximum output of 2,800 lumens (mainly because of the LEDs) and a distance of 1170 meters. That’s nothing like the 15,000 lumens of the Thor PRO, but it’s much lighter and very pocketable.

Use, batteries, and more

The Thor 4 runs off a single 21700 battery. It only works with unprotected, flat-top 21700 batteries. Protected and ones with USB ports are too long.

Another nice feature of the Thor 4 is the built-in powerbank. This means that you can charge your phone (or other portable devices) while outdoors.

Performance Thor 4

During the test I got the following numbers:

LED Lumens:

ModeSpecifiedMeasured at Turn on30 sec10 minutes
Moon1 lm1 lm1 lm
Low75 lm52 lm52 lm51
Med500 lm420 lm415 lm400
High1050 lm989 lm961 lm414
Turbo2800 lm2676 lm2407 lm419

LEP Lumens:

Also measured with Samsun 21700 50G

ModeSpecifiedMeasured at turn on30 sec10 minutes
Moon60 lm62 lm61 lm59 lm
Low70 lm80 lm78 lm76 lm
Med130 lm151 lm148 lm144 lm
High220 lm231 lm224 lm113 lm
Turbo280 lm248 lm259 lm249 lm

LEP + LED combined Lumens:

SpecifiedMeasured at turn on30 seconds10 minutes
Moon60 lm63 lm61 lm
Low120 lm128 lm126 lm121 lm
Med330 lm558 lm545 lm528 lm
High1150 lm1133 lm1055 lm251 lm
Turbo2750 lm2329 lm2086 lm231 lm

Then here are the battery runtimes:

LED modes only.

LED ModeSpecified runtimeMeasured runtime (ANSI FL1)Time till shut off
Low20h34h 32min+34h 32min+
Med3h 55min4h 55min5h 37min+
High3h 41min4h 47min*5h 13min+
Turbo*3h 30min3h 06min*4h 46min+

LEP modes only

LEP ModeSpecified runtimeMeasured runtime (ANSI FL1)Time till shut off
Moon10h7h 23min7h 23min+
Low8h6h 15min6h 15min+
Med3h 50min3h 33min3h 33min+
High3h 40min4h 21min4h 21min+
Turbo*3h 08min3h 54min3h 54min+

And last but not least:

Throw distance measurements

Turbo (LEP)342,000 cd356,000 cd11931305
High (LEP)316,000 cd11241230
Med (LEP)218,400 cd9351022
Turbo (LED)10,200 cd6,500 cd161176
High (LED)2,650 cd103113
Med (LED)1,200 cd6976

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