Lumintop X0

Lumintop X0
LEP type / classShine through
Max. beam intensity (candelas)600,000 cd
Max. beam distance (meters)1550 m
Lumens450 lm
Avg. Price$329

Lumintop X0 with a focusable beam

It’s still relatively new, to have an LEP flashlight with focusable beam. At the moment, there are less than a dozen LEP flashlight that have this. What’s also special about the X0, is that it doesn’t change in length when adjusting the beam. This can be very important for certain applications, or even when carrying the flashlight inside a holster.

As you may be aware, many focusable flashlights can adjust the beam by extending the head, thus increasing the distance between the LED and the convex lens. This has to do with the size of the light source, and the distance to the convex lens. At a certain point, the inverse will happen, and the light will become wider again. But most flashlights are made, so the maximum setting equals to the narrowest beam, and therefore shine the farthest.

That is still something that the X0 needs to work on. On my copy, the narrowest beam is not achievable by rotating the head completely, but you need to unscrew it for a couple millimeters to get the tightest beam.

And being a titanium flashlight, it’s definitely not lightweight.

Lumintop X0 Use, batteries, and more

Before ordering the Lumintop X0, you should make sure whether you have a battery that will fit. The reason being, that the battery tube is short, and doesn’t accept protected, nor batteries with USB ports. Both types will be too long. If you don’t know whether your 26650 batteries will fit, just order one together with the flashlight.

It’s sad, if you tried to tighten the flashlight with the wrong battery and damage the driver.

Because it’s using a 26650 battery, the battery tube is a about a half centimeter wider than your average 21700 type LEP flashlight. Personally, I find this quite comfortable, and it also adds to the flashlight’s grip.

And unlike many titanium flashlights, this has a blasted finish, which also adds to getting better grip, instead of the one


According to specs, the X0 is supposed to throw a beam for 1550 meters, and I personally don’t trust specs for most companies. The reason for this is the number of flashlights I have, that didn’t reach the specified distance or number of lumens.

1550 meters equals to 600,000 candelas, and that’s quite a bit, if you’d ask me.

First let’s take a look at the Lumen measurements

ModeSpecifiedMeasured at turn on30 sec.10min.
Low (zoomed out-wide)100 lm105 lm103 lm
High (zoomed out-wide)230 lm230 lm222 lm
Turbo (zoomed out-wide)300 lm276 lm303 lm
Low (zoomed in)130 lm167 lm163 lm149 lm
High (zoomed in)300 lm368 lm351 lm224 lm
Turbo (zoomed in)450 lm438 lm486 lm217 lm

And then looking at the runtimes:

ModeSpecified runtimeMeasured runtime (ANSI FL1)Time till shut off
Low4h3h 35min3h 35min
High10min+2h30min2h 20min2h 20min
Turbo*4min+2h30min2h 16min2h 16min

And of course, tested it at:

Low217,500 cd933 m1020 yd
High447,500 cd1338 m1463 yd
Turbo592,500 cd1539 m1684 yd
Turbo (20m)600,000 cd592,000 cd1539 m1683 yd

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