Maxtoch Xsword LA60

Maxtoch LA60
Maxtoch Xsword LA60
LEP classN/A
Distance / intensity2,500 meters
Lumens500 lumens
Avg. Price$349

The Focusable Maxtoch LA60 with 2,500 meters reach (LA60S)

After the immense success of the Maxtoch Xsword L2K, I asked them about a possible focusable LEP flashlight. Although I asked it at the right moment, they were already working on one.

And here we have the Maxtoch LA60, the first focusable LEP flashlight available to consumers.

As most of you probably know, focusable flashlights (zoomies) usually don’t have the prettiest beams. So in case, you were wondering. The LA60 doesn’t have the prettiest beam when zoomed out. Zoomed in, it’s not so bad at all.

The beam profile has visible rings on the outside of the beam, like you’ll see with LED zoomies. The outer ring is brighter than the center of the beam.

If you like to get a more uniform beam for close up work, you better get a diffuser, or use some DC-Fix tape and stick it on the front lens. Oh, and that’s something worth mentioning as well. While the L2K only had the convex lens with a few different colored filters, the LA60 has a protection glass in front of the convex lens. This is great, because those are much cheaper and easier to get than the correct convex lens.

Although having the same LEP module as the L3K, it performs better!

Batteries and Charging

Maxtoch gives you the option to choose an extra charging kit that includes 2* 21700 batteries, a charger, and a USB adapter. The batteries are button tops, of course, otherwise, they wouldn’t make contact. They are 5000mAh, which is kind of a basic capacity of a 21700 battery these days. But you don’t have to choose your own batteries if you already have enough 21700 batteries. (BTW. they should be unprotected, button tops) Protected batteries with button tops are too large to fit.

The LA60S is the single version of the LA60. The S probably stands for ‘Short’. It runs on a single cell, and therefore the output will be different. These things are expensive, so I didn’t buy the LA60S, because it probably won’t be the best in its class, and I rather spend money on ones that are the best in their class, if it’s almost the same as another version.


One of the most important aspects of LEP flashlights is intensity. In terms of lumens, these outputs are laughable, because they are not meant to produce many lumens. They are meant to throw very, very, very far. Farther than your eyes can make up the difference between a man and a bear. Unless, of course, you use binoculars.


ModeSpecsLumens after 30 seclumens at turn on
Low100 110110 lm
Med300 269273 lm
High500 lm456 lm466 lm


Performance in terms of intensity/reach. Measured at 20 meters distance, about 30 seconds after turn on.

ModeCandela measuredin metersin yards
High2,272,000 cd30153296.84

Although specced at 2500 meters, my copy performed much better than that and even reached over 3000 meters after 30 seconds.

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