MicroFire Optispike S50

MicroFire OptiSpike S50
LEP type / class?
Max. beam intensity (candelas)7,562,500 cd
Max. beam distance (meters)5,500 meters
Max. output (lumens)?
Modes3 + strobe
Avg. Price$$$$

Industrial grade LEP flashlight

Aside from most of the other LEP flashlights listed on this website, you have some that are not available to consumers. And one of them is the infamous MicroFire Optispike S50, a 5,500 meters flashlights, costing $$$$ (4 numbers).

Going through the MicroFire website, we can actually see 2 separate listings of the OptiSpike S50. There is also one with slightly lower specifications, at 5,000 meters and 6,250,000 cd.

The main difference from what I gathered is the dimmable beam, and different kind of LEDs used as a secondary light source. The better performance also has more features and attachments.

With a range of 5,500 meters, and a total weight of 3kg (without battery bank), you can imagine that it’s not something you like to handheld for a very long time. The lower specced S50 has a total weight of 2.1kg, still a chunk.

The runtime are supposed to be 80 minutes at full power, and 3 hours and 20 minutes at 50% power.

Here are the specifications from the MicroFire systems website:

  • Multi mode operation: Strobe, 100% power, 50% power, 10% power, and auxiliary light sources
  • Remote motorized focusing and mode control via either the hand controller or RS232/RS485 serial port for remote control
  • An optional auxiliary light module with customizable wavelength and divergence
  • A detachable K6B battery pack for external 12V-28V power por for external power supply
  • Carry handle with built-in mode controller, for handheld operation and an integrated Picatinny rail cover for weapon mounting
  • 10,000 hours lifetime of light source and the reasonable maintenance
  • A sturdy aerospace -grade aluminum alloy housing with HAIII military grade, hard anodized finish that ensures rugged and reliable performance under harsh conditions and is water resistant
  • Meeting all military and industry specifications (including IP67, Shock resistance, Drop resistance), this search light OptiSpike S50 is ideal for military, law enforcement, police border security, maritime security and other professional applications

Performance of the S50

Unfortunately, we can only speculate about it. A few years ago, the main office offered to send one for review. This was supposed to be done by a German dealer, but the German dealer never agreed to it, unfortunately.

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