Nealsgadgets LEP flashlight

Nealsgadgets LEP
LEP class N/A
Distance 1800 meters
Lumens 450
Modes 1 + strobe
Avg. Price $179

Nealsgadgets LEP able to reach 1800 meters?

The Nealsgadgets LEP flashlight is a little different. It’s not using a 18650 battery or a 21700 lithium-ion battery. Instead of using one of these popular battery types, it is using a 26650-type battery.

If you don’t own any 26650 batteries, don’t panic. If you own a 18650 or 21700 you should be able to use a battery adapter for it. The light doesn’t come with an adapter so you need to make one by yourself. Simply use some tubing to get a simple solution.

Nealsgadgets doesn’t use a brand name for this LEP flashlight, so you are likely going to see this light pop up at other stores under a different name. Neal just calls it the Nealsgadgets LEP flashlight. Simple, straightforward.

Currently, this is still one of the cheapest LEP flashlights on the market!


Some specs from the product description:

I can not believe these specs. I will get one myself and test it to see if it really lives up to its claims.

  • Max output: 450 lumens
  • Max beam intensity: 810,000 cd
  • Max beam distance: 1800 meters
  • USB-C for charging
  • USB-A for using it as a Power Bank
  • 1 Mode + Strobe

Get the unbranded 26650 LEP

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