Jetbeam L2

Jetbeam L2 LEP
Name Flashlight
LEP class?
Distance / intensity250,000 cd / 1,000 meters
Avg. Price$263

Jetbeam LEP with pineapple body

One of the first titanium flashlights I really wanted to have, a long time ago, was the Jetbeam TC-R3. It had a pretty rough body knurling, which has similarities with this Jetbeam L2.

But now, we are about a decade later, and the Jetbeam L2 is a different kind of beast. It’s available in aluminum and titanium, and you also got to choose between a LED and an LEP version.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there are almost no specifications available for this particular LEP flashlight. All I can find are the specs on And to be honest, those specs are not enough to really say anything useful.

The body also reminds me of the Jetbeam E1, and Lumintop Thor 1, with a very proud tail switch.

Use, batteries, and more

Yes, it does have an attack bezel, and I hope it won’t be too much struggle to take it off, and replace it with a short flat bezel. If you’re a long-time BLF member, we’d call it a Foy bezel.

In terms of battery choice, I’m not 100% sure the reason behind it. It’s a 18650 battery tube, and I think most flashlight manufacturers are focusing more and more on 21700 type batteries instead. The difference in width between a 18650 and 21700 battery is only 3 millimeters (18mm vs 21mm). But you get a lot more capacity and power.

Either way, it’s interesting to see Jetbeam releasing yet another pretty good-looking flashlight.


Unfortunately, it’s still too early to tell. And just by looking at the size, I’m confident enough to say it’s using the shine-through LEP module, and not the classic mirror-style module.

I also think it will have a quick drop-off in output, just like the Jetbeam RRT M1X raptor, and Jetbeam RRT M2S Raptor.

Banggood’s specifications say: 1000 meters of throw (which equals to 250,000cd) is doable, but probably not longer than 1-2 minutes.

Get the flashlight here:

It’s currently not available at any major online store! I’d recommend looking at our list of the best lep laser flashlights for an alternative.

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