Lumintop Thor PRO

Lumintop Thor PRO
Lumintop Thor PRO
LEP classN/A
Distance / intensity1300 meters / 426,200cd
Lumens300 lumens
Modes5 for LEP + 5 for LED
Avg. Price$399

The first LED + LEP flashlight on the market

Lumintop makes many interesting flashlights, and the Lumintop THOR PRO is one of a kind. It has 2 different types of light sources, namely LEP + LED.

It has 8 LEDs with a total output of 12,100 lumens, and a single LEP with a total output of 300 lumens. While the LEDs are great for a wide (flood) beam, the LEP light source is used to throw really far. But you can also use them at the same time, to get a wide and throwy beam at the same time.

Yes, that’s rather unique. And that’s what sets it apart from the first LEP flashlights Lumintop made, the Lumintop Thor 1, and Lumintop Thor 2. But if you want something that throws farther than all of these Thors, look at the Lumintop Thor 3!

There is only 1 side switch to operate the Thor PRO.

However, the Thor PRO is not just a flashlight, you can also use it as a power bank. It has USB ports for charging the batteries, but also a USB-A port for charging things like a cell phone, or tablet. That makes this light even more unique.


For powering, you need to have 4 button top 18650 batteries, and they should be high drain, like the Samsung 30Q, Sony VTC5, Sony VTC6 etc.

Dave, a reviewer over at 1lumen, received a prototype, and his measurements showed an output of 8,000 lumens at turn on with some XPG3 LEDs. The actual product has XPL-HD LEDs and should be able to reach 10,000 lumens or more.

Here are the specifications. We haven’t tested this light, so take them with a grain of salt

Light sourceModeLumensRuntime
LEDMoonlight2 lm90 days
Low320lm30 h
High5,100lm40sec + 4h10min
Turbo12,100lm45sec + 4h
LEPMoonlight40 lm20h
Low85 lm16h
Medium150 lm10h
High230 lm6h30min
Turbo300 lm1min + 5h45min

Other specifications:

  • Intensity LED: 57,800 cd
  • Intensity LEP: 426,200 cd
  • Max distance LED: 480 meters
  • Max distance LEP: 1300 meters
  • Waterproof: IPX8 (2 meters underwater)
  • Size: 153mm * 68.5mm
  • Weight: 628 grams without batteries
  • Battery: 4*18650

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