Weltool W4

Weltool W4
LEP class Class 3B
Distance 2670 meters
Lumens 560 lumens
Modes 2
Avg. Price $306

Weltool W4 “Dragon in cloud” can throw almost 2.7 kilometers

The Weltool W4 is unique. It looks like any other LED flashlight, the inside is not. Instead, it’s using a Laser Exciting Phosphor emitter than turns a blue laser into a whitish beam.

The shape of the W4 doesn’t give the impression we are talking about a flashlight that can reach 2.7 kilometers or 2670 meters to be exact. Enough to be added to the list of the very best LEP Flashlights of the world.

On paper, it can throw the farthest of all LEP flashlights currently available to the public. Of course, there might be some searchlights out there, throwing farther, but they aren’t available to the public or only available to certain group of people like the army. Those types probably cost around $4K – $5K.

Batteries and Charging

Fortunately, Weltool ships a high amp 21700 battery with the Weltool W4. High power flashlights need high power batteries. One of the main concerns manufacturers have is the use of inadequate or improper use of cells.

To get rid of this potential problem, more and more manufacturers start shipping batteries with their flashlights. Sometimes built-in, and occasionally proprietary. Either way, manufacturers want their customers to have the best experience possible.

Performance and Features

I assume most people are interested in this.

You probably didn’t think it could ‘only’ produce 500 lumens, did you? Well, 500 lumens from a light bulb is different from an incredibly intense and concentrated beam. The W4 produces 560 lumens to be precise, but with awe-inspiring intensity. Although the output isn’t much different from its smaller sibling, the Weltool W3 PRO, it does have much wider optics/lenses that help increase its reach.

Here are some of the numbers.

  • A high-mode output of 560 lumens
  • A low-mode output of 187 lumens
  • Max distance in High: 2670 meters
  • Max distance in Low: 1553 meters
  • High efficiency constant current drive circuit, no noise, and no PWM
  • Temperature control protection: when the flashlight temperature is too high, the flashlight will automatically reduce the brightness to prevent overheating
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Low voltage warning
  • Battery over-discharge protection
  • Coated tempered glass lens
  • Passed a 1-meter drop test
  • Double O-rings to make it waterproof, (IP67)
  • Each flashlight has a unique serial number
  • Includes a UB21-50 Lithium-Ion battery and a USB-C charge cable.

The results of the testing show that my copy of the Weltool W4 is performing better than specs. Not in terms of lumens, but definitely in terms of throw. Mine measured 2.18 Mcd instead of the 1.78 the manufacturer claims. That means it can reach up to 2956 meters / 3232 yards.


In the following graph is a comparison of candela with the Jetbeam M1X and the well known Acebeam W30. As you can see for about 80% of the runtime of the Weltool it’s outperforming the others. At the start, the M1X is reaching the farthest and it also has the longest runtime. But the Weltool will beat it for the first 1 hour and 45 minutes. In that case, you can replace the battery and be on top of the game again.

This is an interactive graph. You can move your mouse over the graph to see the actual numbers

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The Weltool W4 is discontinued, have a look at its successor instead: Weltool W4 PRO

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